June Recap

June hasn't been the easiest month for me and I would say that more things have gone wrong than right.  But.. I want to focus on the good, so that's what I'm going to do. 
  • It seems like forever ago but the last day of BEA was on June 1st (probably the most relaxed day too!). There are so many pretty ARCs + books on my shelves. 
  • Lots of quality time with my family. Which technically isn't that out of the ordinary but my youngest cousin turned 21, all the cousins went out to see Man of Steel together and I've been spending more one-on-one time with my mom. 
  • FierceReads stop at McNally Jackson! Alexa was the blogger for the stop and I got to be her sidekick/videographer as she interviewed the authors. Like Leigh Bardugo! Who is awesome, funny and incredibly nice in person. But they all were super nice. 
  • Two months of living on my own and I am still loving every second of it. 
  • And of course, I turned 30 yesterday (more on how I celebrated tomorrow!)
And now, the reviews! 

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  1. I've read all the books you REALLY LOVED except Tell the Wolves I'm Home, which I should clearly do as you and Elena both loved that book! But yay for June, which was a busy month for us both :)


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