June 7, 2013

BEA Blogger Slam Book!

Yay slam books! I hadn't heard that phrase in forever (probably not since middle school) and when Alexa came up with this idea for us to answer some questions about our BEA experience - I thought it was great. Here's what I have to say :)

Be sure to check out everyone else's answers!
{ Kelly - Betty - Alexa - Gaby - Elena


  1. Cheers to comfy shoes!!!!

  2. LOVED meeting you!! Heart you times a million! Love your meeting bloggers goal :)

  3. It was the BEST THING EVER to get to actually hang out during some parts of BEA. The experience was much sweeter because of that! <3

  4. Ah! I am also so excited to read Crown of Midnight, Antigoddess, and especially Never Fade!(That ending killed me.)


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