Five reasons why BEA 2013 was awesome

Time to talk about BEA! It was my second time attending and such a fun, exhausting and crazy experience. I could probably stretch my recap of last week into three separate posts but I wanted to keep it short and sweet. Here are my five main reasons why I loved BEA: (I admit, the post is still pretty long but only because of pictures and my book haul!)

1. Meeting authors that I love. 
(l-r; top-bottom: Sarah J. Maas, Kendare Blake, Veronica Rossi, Susan Dennard,
Katie McGarry, Julie Kagawa, Tahereh Mafi, Rick Yancey, Kat Zhang)

I felt so lucky, not to mention starstruck, meeting all these authors that I adore. And not just because I was getting these books signed from them (although - that is pretty great!). But having the chance to tell them face-to-face how much I loved their characters and express my excitement at finding out what happens next. It felt awesome to fangirl even when it meant me acting like a spaz. Everyone was just SO nice. 

But I do have to say, the authors who made the biggest impression on me were Susan Dennard, Sarah J. Maas and Kat Zhang. I first met them at the Teen Author Carnival on Wednesday night and already I was squeeing over them, especially when Susan recognized my Twitter handle. But throughout the next three days, whenever I saw them (or vice-versa) they were so quick to say hi or chat for a few minutes. They are just some of the nicest and funniest authors I have ever met. And you know, to us readers, authors are like celebs so every time they said hi, I was internally grinning like an idiot (probably externally too). Seriously read their books and if they ever come to your town (they're currently touring!), you MUST go see them.  

2. Meeting book bloggers! 
(l-r: Kelly <who took this pic!>, Betty, Alexa, Gaby, Elena, me // me & Michelle)

I was able to meet a bunch of the bloggers I've either talked to on Twitter or commented on their blogs. Meeting them in person was such a pleasure. Whether it was a quick hello ('cause BEA was a mad dash from line to line!) or having a chance to talk, it was great to finally meet you all! And to the bloggers I didn't get to talk to, I hope we meet next time. 

Then, my partner-in-crime throughout this entire event was Michelle. I have to say: thank you for keeping me sane, making me laugh and just making all three days fun! 

3. Children's Authors Breakfast.

I admit, I mainly attended this breakfast because of Veronica Roth. I haven't read any Rick Riordan books and I didn't know who Mary Pope Osbourne was. But wow - all three of them were such inspirational speakers. I found myself laughing and even tearing up. I loved hearing what each of them had to say about writing, books and life in general. 

4. I won a t-shirt! 
Susan Dennard is one of my favoritest authors ever and you know how I feel about Something Strange & Deadly (& Daniel). So to meet her, get a signed copy of the book and then on top of all that awesomeness, also win a t-shirt from her? I was ready to do a little happy dance in my apartment. (And if I hadn't been so hot and exhausted, I totally would have.) Thank you again Susan for the t-shirt! 

5. Amazing book haul. 
Now the moment you've all been waiting for. What books did I get?! I'm happy to say I got almost everything I wanted on my list and a couple extra that seemed interesting. When I got home, I decided the best way to organize them was by release month since that's probably the order I'll read them in. With the exception of Crown of Midnight which I am reading first because I can't wait :) 

Hope you enjoyed the recap!


  1. Looks like it was so much fun! I went last year but decided not to go this year - but now you're kinds making me wish I had :-)

  2. Yay so much fun and LOTS of great memories! :)

  3. I think you should wear that shirt to work. :)

    Glad you had a blast! You have a lot of reading to do. See you in six months. ;)

  4. Your recap is pretty darn awesome! And I think you did a fantabulous job narrowing it down to your TOP moments. Your book haul is also pretty darn awesome -- I think we both need to STOP buying books (except for a few IMPORTANT sequels) until we catch up, lol.

  5. So glad be bumped into each other a few times!!!! Your recap is great!! I am hoping to do mine this week, but I'm a total slacker. haha I am enjoying everyone else's though! Love the way you divided your haul by release months!! Very very jealous of that Kendare Blake pic! I wanted to meet her so badly! :) YAY BEA!!


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