Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (42)

Given that by Saturday night we still hadn't posted our playlist, I figured we'd just skip this week but Carina insisted she would send me a song today. I got an email from her this morning with her pick and well, I'm going to let her go first..

CARINA • "Stay" by Lisa Loeb
A few weeks prior to our freshman year of college orientation marked the start of our friendship. It's been a crazy fun twelve years and I'm looking forward to a lifetime more. I was trying to find a song that perfectly captured our friendship but for some reason, Lisa Loeb's "Stay" would always pop in my head. Maybe it's because of how quickly we start belting out the lyrics each time we hear this song play on the radio or maybe because our group of friends are just sentimental saps. Whatever it is, this song is definitely part of our friendship playlist.

Happy (belated - you know I'm always late) Birthday, Rachel. Thank you for being an amazing best friend.

RACHEL • "Damaged" by TLC
Don't I have an amazing best friend? When I saw her email, I couldn't help but smile and pull up "Stay" on my iPhone. But then my next thought was - what do I pick?! I had to scroll through my music but  when I saw "Damaged" by TLC, I knew that was it. In addition to Carina and I having a long history of friendship, hating our college majors together, hours and hours of long conversation (we seriously never run out of things to say) and going through life in general together - we've also been blogging and/or making websites together for years. Back when my blog was still withoutwords.net and she was one of my hostees, she used the lyrics for this song in one of her layouts.  It's been one of my favorite TLC songs ever since and usually makes me think of her.

Thank you Carina for being my best friend! (End of sappy post, I swear!)

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Happy Sunday!


  1. I love both of these songs! They bring back a ton of memories. And I think it's wonderful that your friendship has lasted throughout all these years :)

  2. Aww..Carina it's our song! I can't hear that song and not think of you guys! Although we don't see each other often, when we do it's like nothing has changed! I miss and love you both so much!!


with love,