Life lately, according to my iPhone

(1) Breakfast at Toast with Mary Ann; I got the crab cake benedict with sweet potato fries
(2) Banana cream pie + salted caramel shake with Carina

(3) Since my office relocated, I transfer trains at Grand Central every day. 
(4) While exploring Murray Hill with a coworker, we ended up walking to Herald Square and passed by the Empire State Building. I still haven't been to the top!

(5) On the first day at the new office, I got Brother Jimmy's BBQ for lunch.
(6) Cafe Angelique for breakfast with Carina. 

(7) Happy Father's Day! My Dad & my Uncle Mon. Two very important men in my life!
(8) Flowers I bought for myself after a very long, productive Sunday. Being domestic ain't easy.

Anyone else notice that my life lately posts tend to be one big ode to all the places I eat at? But things have been stressful/hectic/crazy and nothing makes me happier than good food, my friends and family. Here's hoping this upcoming week is a good one - for myself and everyone else! 


  1. Um... food! Yummies! That was one of my favorite parts about visiting NYC - all the yummy food we ate! I STILL haven't found a burger as good as the ones I ate up there! Also love the flowers... you're totally right! It IS rough being domestic, so any little happy you can get yourself is a great reward!

  2. I consider food one of my lifelong loves, apart from books and travel. So it makes me happy to see all your food posts! Loved seeing your photos :)

  3. When the food is as delicious as yours looks, I can't blame you from taking pictures of it! Haha

    I need to buy myself flowers more often - they can add such a pop of color on a rainy day :)


with love,