April Recap

I honestly think that I start every recap with - IT'S BEEN A CRAZY MONTH. But I really mean it this time. I moved out and I've been spending a lot of time settling in, making everything more home-y and just adjusting to living on my own. I do love it though. And seeing the place come together (like when I finally got my sofa last weekend) puts a smile on my face. Then I've got a couple design projects going on, friends are turning 30 so that means parties, I'm doing my Maid-of-Honor thing and trying to make time for me/friends/family. It's kind of a lot. 

And of course, there's the blog. Luckily I was ahead with reviews by a couple weeks so I was able to slack off a bit. But I need to get back in the reading groove. I've had a couple duds and DNFs recently (shocking right?) but I read Apollyon last week which I loved so I'm feeling hopeful for my next books. What I really need to do though is comment, tweet and catch up on blogs! I'm so behind and I feel bad because I've been getting such lovely comments from fellow bloggers. Despite my quietness lately, just know it's much appreciated! 

Now for the recap :)

Fire by Heather James (plus guest post & giveaway)

#32 Paramore Edition: Still Into You / My Heart

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  1. Hooray for an awesome April! It went by super quickly (which surprised me!), but I enjoyed it. If only the weather would finally cooperate and the pollen go away...

  2. I got tired of April too fast so I'm pretty glad it's over. Two-Way Street and Pivot Point are both really good books. Also, your bookbags feature is awesome!

  3. Looks like you still had a great reading month! Also, I loved your new BookBags feature. Hope you have an awesome May :)


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