BEA Part of It/New York, NY: Foodie Heaven

One of the many things I love about working in NYC - all the different kinds of food! Restaurants, bakeries, cafes, carts, trucks, you name it. I try my best to explore whenever I can but there's just too many places to try and not nearly enough time. But here are some of my favorite places to go to and I mention a lot, so hopefully there's something here for everyone!

>> In the mood for burgers
If you're in New York and the weather is warm, you have to go to Shake Shack. I personally love going to the one in Madison Square Park since it's conveniently near my office. The line can get pretty long (try to beat the rush by going at 11:30am) but trust me, the wait is well worth it.

But if you don't want to wait and prefer to eat indoors, here are some other great places: Schnipper's (Alexa, Estelle and I go here all the time!), brgr (they have awesome shakes) and Good Burger (which is conveniently right around the corner from the Union Square B&N).

>> Try something new

The latest restaurant I've tried is Japadog. I admit, it's going to seem strange. Hot dogs topped with seaweed, teriyaki sauce, rice and soba noodles? But it's delicious! Plus their dessert consists of deep fried sugared buns filled with ice cream. You have to try it!

But if hot dogs aren't your thing, I've got some more suggestions. There's Chelsea Market which is an indoor market filled with a huge variety of foods. This is a good place to just walk around and try different things (I recommend the meat pies from Tuck Shop). Or I also love Caracas Arepa Bar. I never heard of arepas before and I've only been there once but I plan to go back.. many, many more times.

>> A night out

If you don't mind a slightly more expensive dinner, go to Koi Restaurant. The food (and service) is absolutely amazing. Between one of my best friends and I, we ordered an appetizer, shared a roll of sushi, main courses and we still ate dessert. We spent more than we expected to but it was worth every penny.

My other favorites include: Cafe Orlin (small and more intimate), Dos Caminos (best margaritas ever) and Saigon Market (I crave their bun xaio noodles regularly).

>> Snack time!

I am completely addicted to macarons. I can probably eat a dozen all by myself in one sitting (don't judge me). The first time I had them was in Europe at Laduree. So when I heard they were opening up a store in NYC, I was beyond ecstatic. They're amazing and you should go. (Seriously.)

Other places I like? For bubble tea, I like St. Alp's Teahouse best. For uniquely flavored donuts, check out the Doughnut Plant. And if you just love candy, papabubble is a lot of fun.

>> Practical Every Day Eats
If you need a quick bite to eat and don't feel like spending a lot (which is definitely hard in NYC), here are some typical lunch time staples: Press for wraps, Hale & Hearty for soup/sandwich/salads and Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

Whether you're going to BEA or just planning a visit to NYC, and you decide to check out any of these places, I'd love to hear what you thought! And of course, if you've got suggestions for me.. I'd love to hear those as well :)

And if you haven't checked out yesterday's BEA Part of It/New York, NY "Under the Broadway Lights" post, head over to Rather Be Reading!

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  1. love this!! going to bea for the first time and this gives me some great ideas! thanks for hooking me up!

    1. yay! happy to help! and I'll be at BEA too so maybe we'll get to meet :)

  2. For burgers, I also like Counter Burger over in Times Sq. It's a tight squeeze but they have good beer on tap and the yummiest fries on the planet. Plus you can customize your own burger top to bottom.

    Also FIVE NAPKIN BURGER is absolutely amazing. Huge burgers, great sauce, and again nice beer selection. There are a few locations in the city and you can make a reservation which is nice.

    Pizza is a huge part of the NYC experience too + I love John's Pizza over in the theater district. THE PIE IS SO GOOD. It does get a little crowded but it's worth the wait, for sure.

    For sushi, I also like AOKI -- another one in the theater district. Meal comes with a ton of food and it's also pretty quiet in there, which is nice for a change.

    For Mexican, I do like Dos Caminos (even though it is pricey) but the margaritas are amazing + the guac is great. You will have to roll out of there, I promise.

    For brunch, I really like Langan's Irish Pub near Times Square. They play music and the food is delicious. (Plus you might see a Broadway star in there from time to time.) Also Lillian's Victoria Bar in Union Square is such a CUTE place, love the decor, and the brunch is really reasonable and delicious there too.

    OKAY! I think I'm done now. I'm really hungry :(

  3. So.... now I'm thinking I need to visiting NYC again just for food. Last time I was there (ok only time I was there) we ate SO MUCH FOOD! I was visiting a friend so she knew lots of good hole in the wall places that were amazing. I don't think I've yet to find a burger as good as the ones I ate up there! We went to a Cuban place too... ohhh man, my mouth waters just thinking about how yummy it was!

    Tummy is grumbling now! :)

  4. Oh my goodness I am SO hungry! I did love Shake Shack the two times I went. Dos Caminos was a mixed bag for me -- I liked their chips but the rest of my meal was weird. Idk, I guess I am totally one of those people who only likes to eat what they know (so -- burgers, sandwiches, pizza), so I wasn't in love with it.


    OMG. Pinkberry. I know it's not up here, but ahhhh I love Pinkberry!

  5. Love these tips! I cannot wait for BEA and to be in NYC!

    I love, love, love arepas (gorditas) so I'm going to email them to find out if they're vegan, yay!

  6. So... I'm thinking that we're going to have to go to all the other places on this list that I haven't been too. They all sound DELICIOUS. And you know me and food ;)

  7. LOVE this list! My friend rec'd St. Alp's Teahouse as well. I can't wait to try Doughnut Planet, it was on my list last time I visited but I didn't get to it. I will rectify it. :)

  8. Thank you ALL for the amazing tips! First time NY'er here, and I'm probably more overwhelmed with the what I am going to eat? question than BEA itself! But of course, it's NY, so there's never going to be any shortage of food stops! It was great to discover Press (I love my wraps) and I also adore Macaroons!

  9. While I doubt I'll be going to BEA anytime soon I'm really finding this series of posts very helpful. I've been to New York twice already and I'm planning a trip for next year. I loved the Shake Shack so much! The one I went to was on 8th avenue at 44th street and wow was it amazing. It's pretty much where we ate every day. We found it very hard to find places to eat that weren't just gimmicks like the Hard Rock Cafe, so this post is going to be so helpful!


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