BEA Part of It/New York, NY: Shopping Spree!

There's a reason why New York is considered one of the shopping capitals of the world. There are stores everywhere you go. So for someone like me, who loves to shop, this can be a very dangerous place to be. Not that I would want it any other way. But of all the places I could go to, there are two areas in particular that I love to go to. 

>> Flatiron
(specifically 5th Avenue, between 22nd and 14th St.)

This is actually where I work. All I have to do it step out of my building, make left and walk straight down 5th Ave. And do you want to know all the stores I can go to? 

Cole Haan
Kate Spade
Ann Taylor
Club Monaco
White House | Black Market
Banana Republic
Kenneth Cole Reaction
Free People
American Apparel
Victoria Secret
Armani Exchange
and more...

All within a five minute radius of my office! That's not even including if you decide to turn left or right at any of these streets. Honestly, it amazes me that I still have money in my checking account. But needless to say, I love it here. Whenever I need to buy something last minute (a gift or for myself), I can make a quick run during my lunch break or after work. Plus the area doesn't get nearly as crowded as Times Square which is nice. So if you want a place where you can leisurely shop (and stop by a bookstore or three), this is the place to go. 

>> Soho
(area between 6th Ave. & Lafayette St. / E. Houston St & Canal St.)

I love Soho! I usually take the N-R-Q down to Prince St. and just walk all over. The great thing about this area is the diversity of stores. They have everything from regular stores (ie. Victoria Secret, Old Navy, Express, Forever 21) to smaller local boutiques and of course, the high-end designers like Chanel, Gucci and Prada. When I'm there, I tend to walk in one huge circle and stop by any stores that peak my interest. But there are couple staple ones I always visit:

Mango - The clothes are here are super cute and affordable and I almost always walk out with something. 

Uniqlo - A lot of basics here but the best thing about this store? Same day alterations! If you buy jeans here (which I often do), you can get them hemmed at the store for free and if you go early enough, you can pick it up the same day or at the latest, the next.

TopShop - The prices definitely vary but if you dig around, you can find some good deals. This store originates in Europe and the only US store they have is in NYC.  

And my other favorite part about Soho is the local designer's market (pictured above). If you walk down Prince St. (roughly around Mott St/Elizabeth St.) you should see a whole row of stands selling jewelry, clothing and art. I tend to find a lot of jewelry that I like there. 

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
Or if you need some more recommendations, feel free to comment or tweet me! 

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  1. I really like Soho too because I can visit Uniqlo, Muji, and Opening Ceremony (even though I can't afford it!).

    There's actually a Topshop in Vegas and Chicago but I think the NYC one is their flagship. There are Topshops in Nordstorm too! They've really expanded and I'm excited for Uniqlo to expand.

  2. SoHo is my favorite area BUT I don't like the fact that sometimes it can get pretty crowded. I prefer my shopping to be less... cumbersome, haha.

  3. Its really good to know about how she experienced the things by visiting in different stores and the different trends and innovation were being followed here.


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