Moving Out Weekend

I moved out this past weekend! And honestly, a part of me is still in shock. Even though I started apartment hunting last November and knew I wanted to move out by April.. April seemed so far away at the time. The last two weeks have just been this whirlwind of packing and buying all the necessities (and then some). Moving out is expensive! (Which I anticipated, but still!) It's worth it though. To have my own place and actually pull through with one of my resolutions for this year. Plus it's been fun to buy furniture and think about decorating. Actually there's just so much to think about in general. Cooking, bills, laundry, grocery shopping. I have to admit, I did have this moment yesterday of feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. But I'm really happy that I'm doing this. Everyone's been kinda teasing me by saying I'm all grown up now because I moved out. And it sounds silly because hey, I'm 29 going on 30 but I do feel like this is the most adult thing I've done.. ever. 

Anyway, here are some pictures from the weekend:

(1) Putting all my stuff into the U-Haul (2) Taking a little break with some coffee & donuts

(3) Putting together the furniture (4) I spent my first night organizing my book case (alphabetical by author's last name, heh)

(5) View of the entry way / dining area. I love my little dining set (Thanks Craigslist!)
(6) The living room which is looking a bit empty at the moment without a couch. But it's coming soon! That window in the corner is one of my favorite spots in the apartment.

(7&8) Cooked my first dinner in the apartment with one of my best friends. She came over and showed me how to cook stir-fry. It was so much fun! I think we're going to start doing weekly dinners at my place.

Thank you to everyone who's been there throughout the move, whether in person or even just friendly tweet or comment - it's all much appreciated <3


  1. YAYYYY! Congrats sweetie! Hope it all went smoothly!!! <3

  2. How fun!!!! I'll admit, I kind of hate moving (I've moved every year since I was 18 (so like 12 years)) and it gets tedious... but I do love the hunting, the searching, and the imagining that's involved with new places! Hope your new place is wonderful and you have fun decorating! :)

  3. AMAZING. Packing stresses me out but the idea of going out and taking a place for yourself is basically my dream. So wonderful you finally made it happen!!

  4. I love that you did your books first. I'm the same way, I can't help myself. And I know we really don't know each other, but I'm SO happy and proud of you. <3

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! Happy moving weekend! I'm so happy/thrilled/excited for you. Moving out is certainly a big step, but one you've handled with so much grace and ease. I can't wait to see more photos of your apartment and (hopefully) I can visit!


with love,