Apartment updates!

I love working on redecorating projects around the apartment. I've always tried to space them out since it can cost a lot and honestly, when I wasn't home all the time it was much easier to ignore the corners of my place that needed updating. Then once quarantine hit and suddenly I was here a lot more, I felt hyper aware of all the things I wanted to change. I started off really small by adding storage to the bathroom and changing the decor on a couple shelves. Then once a few months had passed, I took on the bigger project of my dining/entryway area. And after I found out that I'd be working from home until 2021, it was time to fix up my "office" space because working from the dining table wasn't going to cut it anymore. 

I'm going to share all these updates because I'm so happy with how everything turned out. More than ever my home is my sanctuary and I'm sure a lot of people feel that way too now. So if you're thinking about making any changes, I totally believe it's worth the effort and investment. 

The little tweaks

Bathroom | My bathroom is tiny with barely any storage so I got this over the toilet shelf that has made all the difference. Now I can put my makeup and skincare easily within reach. Then to decorate, I added the Sailor Moon print Alexa gifted me, a faux plant, and basket.

Bookshelf | I've had this bookshelf for years but I was more than ready to declutter it. The main change is the third shelf pictured here. I got this beautiful Filipiana print, and geode bookends to highlight my new set of HarperPerennial Olive editions. 

Cabinet | Again, this cabinet is over a year old and I had a bunch of things on top of it but I've been big on decluttering. So I didn't buy anything new, I just moved around what I already had. Now my one and only real plant (the ZZ), my ballerina prints and my faux plant are displayed here. It looks so much cleaner!

Dining area/entry way

I wish I had a before picture because the entryway area has been driving me crazy for a while. 

Dining | The dining set is a year old but that was probably the very first step I made in changing up this space. Then a month into quarantine I updated the gallery wall with new prints from Minted (see the Soft Shimmer and Field Horse prints) because I was trying to fit a certain color scheme. Then last month, I got the rug. Ideally it would be a bit bigger but the table is in an odd spot and this size fit best. Plus I love the neutral print! 

Entry way | This console table is perfect! I like that it has both a drawer and shelf space. It just made that side of the wall much airier if that makes sense. With the new table, I decided to get a new microwave, and these two baskets for cleaner-looking storage. Everything else I already had. The vertical bookcase with my Anne books got moved to that corner and I just rearranged things to be less (you guessed it) cluttered! 

Storage basket | This white storage basket is actually where my Anne shelf used to be. I'm really loving storage baskets right now. They look good and they give you an additional spot to keep things out of view. Then I put an old acrylic tray from Society6 on top of it so I can place a vase of flowers or candles on it. 

Office corner
This time I remembered to take a before picture! I severely miscalculated the different pieces I bought for this corner way back when. The table and filing cabinet separately are really great but they just didn't work well together. And the table in particular wasn't practical for working on. But at the time I didn't care that much because I barely sat there anyway. And now, it's clearly a very different story. 

Desk | I'm so happy I bought this desk! I love the mid-century style and the little hatch for storage and decor. It fits everything I need and allows me to easily work. Plus it's not super bulky which is great for a small space. The chair is actually 5+ years old and used to be in my living room. It was a lucky coincidence that it worked out well here. 

Decor | Pretty much everything here I already owned! The only new thing I bought is the clip-on lamp because when you're on Zoom calls as much as I am, good lighting in necessary and this corner isn't near any windows. Then the colorful print was a gift from my best friend so I don't know where it's from. 

Main print | As much as I enjoy a good gallery wall, I also love the look of just a single eye-catching print. For my desk, I knew I'd have a bunch of little things on it so I wanted to keep the wall print simple. I was drawn to this one from Society6 because I find it very peaceful. 

Have you made any updates to your home lately?


  1. I love this so much!!

  2. All of the changes you made are beautiful! I always love seeing your decor posts- they're so inspiring!

  3. As always, your eye for design is incredible! I love seeing how your apartment redesigns turn out, and I'm particularly fond of how you did your office space.


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