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It's the end of July already! I was counting down to this past week all month long because I was going to be on staycation and now, it's practically over. I could totally use another week. Heck, I could use a month away from work. It's funny, even with my limited outings, I really felt like I did so much. I'm going to share a whole post next week about it but I got to relax at home, see friends and family, and go somewhere almost every day (it is sad that even a trip to Trader Joe's felt momentous?). I think I've become accustomed to this slower-paced lifestyle and I can't say it's a bad thing. Although being able to hang out with friends and family without worrying (for them or myself) and hopefully one day without masks is still the thing I wish for the most. Well that and a month-long sabbatical from work. 

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  • Archangel's Consort + Archangel's Blade (Guild Hunters, Books 3-4) by Nalini Singh - 4 stars
    I'll be doing a full review of this series at a later date for something Alexa and I are working on but I'm enjoying this a lot! 
  • The Hidden Horses of New York by Natalie Keller Reinert - 3 stars
    Even though I didn't fall in love with this book the way I had hoped, I still liked it. It made me realize that there are lots of places to find horses in NYC, if you just know where to look. 
  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor - 5 stars
    I re-read this for Paranormal Book Club and unsurprisingly, I still love it just as much as I did the first time around. Laini Taylor truly is a gifted writer. 
  • When You Were Everything by Ashley Woodfolk - 5 stars
    If you want to read a book on friendship break-ups, this is the one to read. It was so honest and real and brought me to tears. 
  • Grabbing Mane by Natalie Keller Reinert - 2 stars
    Can you tell I'm still on the lookout for equestrian fiction? Unfortunately I still haven't found anything I love as much as Mara Dabrishus' books. This one totally fell flat for me. 
  • The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares - 3.5 stars
    It is interesting to reread these books as an adult! I enjoyed the second book more than the first and it certainly has me wondering which book will end up becoming my favorite. But as to which girl is my fave as an adult? No question, it's Bee! I called it in the first book and it continues to be true. 

How's your month been?

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  1. Can I just state, for the record, that rereading Daughter of Smoke and Bone together was one of the best life choices we made in 2020? That book is still so brilliant.


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