Adventures in Anime #5, Part 2: Sailor Moon


Adventures in Anime is a collaborative feature I have with Alexa Loves Books! The idea is simple – we watch anime together and then we answer 6 questions about what we enjoyed most. We'll do our best to keep it spoiler-free but we will be mentioning our favorites so keep that in mind!


Just to recap, Alexa and I decided to rewatch all of Sailor Moon for Adventures in Anime. We had so much to say about the series that we decided to make this a two-parter. Yesterday we talked about the series as a whole, with a breakdown of each of the seasons and the movies. Today, we'll be sharing a long list of favorites! 

Favorite episode per season? 
  • S1 E45 Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle 

    I was not expecting this episode to make me cry! But each of the Sailor Senshi's sacrifices hit me so hard. 
  • S2 E88: The Final Battle Between Light and Dark: Pledge of Love for the Future
    I loved going to the future and finding out more about King Endymion and Queen Neo Serenity. Even though S2 had a lot of frustrating moments, it wrapped everything up really well in the finale.
  • S3 E110: The Death of Uranus and Neptune: The Talisman Appears
    This episode was full of surprises, emotional, and well-told. 
  • S4 E145: Become a Prima: Usagi’s Ballet
    As I mentioned yesterday, Season 4 just shouldn't exist. It was that bad! I was hard-pressed to think of a favorite but I went with this since you all know how much I love ballet. But saying this is a "favorite" is a stretch. 
  • S5 E170: Night of Destiny: The Sailor Guardians’ Ordeals
    Season 5 was my favorite but the first arc in particular is the best out of every season. And this episode was fantastic. I love when all the girls, Inner and Outer Senshi, band together! 

Favorite quote? 
"Girls don't have to wait for a prince on a white horse all the time, do they? Sometimes they should ride on the back of a white horse to find their prince by themselves! It depends on whether you can make your dream happen." - Chibi-Usa 

Favorite version of Sailor Moon's moon stick? I have to go with the OG moon stick from Season 1. 

Favorite Sailor Senshi transformation sequence? I love Sailor Moon's Moon Eternal Make Up with the angel wings. But a close runner-up would be Sailor Neptune's transformation sequence.

Favorite Sailor Senshi move?
Sailor Uranus' "World Shaking" 

Sailor Senshi uniform you'd want for yourself? Sailor Saturn's because it's purple!

Sailor Senshi ranking (1-10; 1 being the most favorite and 10 the least)? I have to say when I first started watching, I had an idea of what I thought my ranking would be and I'm very surprised by where this list ended up. I'm going to say just a little bit about the top 3 though. 

  1. Usagi
    , Sailor Moon - Of all the girls, Usagi is the person we get to know the most and get to see grow the most. I just have a soft spot for her and I adore her capacity for love and forgiveness. She's just got such a big heart! 
  2. Mako, Sailor Jupiter - Even the first time around, she was always my other favorite Sailor Senshi and as an adult, that's still true. 
  3. Haruka, Sailor Uranus - I was not expecting Haruka to be in my top 3 but here we are! She's just such a dynamic character and I was fond of her friendship with Usagi. 
  4. Michiru, Sailor Neptune
  5. Rei, Sailor Mars
  6. Ami, Sailor Mercury
  7. Minako, Sailor Venus
  8. Setsuna, Sailor Pluto 
  9. Hotaru, Sailor Saturn
  10. Chibi-Usa, Sailor Chibi Moon

So fellow anime fans, have you watched Sailor Moon?
And if so, what did you think?

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  1. I love that we both chose Usagi as our #1! She really is the best :)


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