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My brain refuses to process that it's the end of August and soon enough, the end of summer. How did this happen? Sigh. But I have to say, this month has been great. I went to Aruba with Carina, had a To All the Boys I've Loved Before viewing party with Alexa and Kristin, saw Once on this Island with DJ and had all these other dinners in between. I've also been less stressed, which is always a plus. I'm hoping next month continues this trend!

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  • Moonlight Seduction (de Vincent, #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout - 3.5 stars; The de Vincents are all about these hot complicated brothers with their rich people drama taking place in the South and I'm quite entertained by them! I'm not sure who my favorite brother is yet but it just might be this one. 
  • The Life Lucy Knew by Karma Brown - 4 stars; Karma Brown always writes such thought-provoking novels. In this, Lucy wakes up from her coma remembering nothing real from the last few years and instead has false memories her brain made up to fill in the gaps. One, I had no idea this was something that could happen and two, it will absolutely make you think. 
  • I Find You in the Darkness: Poems by Alfa - 3 stars; I've been enjoying the rise in modern poets getting recognition through Instagram and Alfa is one of them. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of my favorite collections but there were a couple poems that stood out to me. 
  • Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons #3) by Sarah J. Maas - 5 stars; Is there anything Sarah J. Maas can't right? (The answer is no.) I was excited for her take on Catwoman and she did not disappoint. 
  • Nightblood (Frostblood Saga #3) by Elly Blake - 4 stars; I have been a big fan from day 1 of this underrated series and I couldn't wait to see how it would conclude. I did really like it (Ruby + Arcus forever) but I didn't love the execution of the ending. There were also elements that the previous book and even this one made seem important that got brushed aside and I don't know, it just felt rushed. I love the first two books more. 
How's your month been?

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  1. Our To All The Boys I've Loved Before party was delightful! I can't wait for the one we intend to do for the sequel.


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