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Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / I know living alone isn't for everyone but it's honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made. Both The Financial Diet and The Everygirl agree with me! If you need convincing, seriously check out their lists.

2 / "It might sound completely ridiculous, but realising that instead of trying to fit into old clothes you can, in fact, buy new ones- felt groundbreaking. Why do we punish ourselves into trying to constantly conform to our ‘old’ selves, for better or, realistically, for worse? So instead of looking at old shorts that no longer looked right, I bought a new pair." Such a great post from What Olivia Did – I wish I could always be this positive about my body but I'm trying.

3 / Thanks to Alexa I recently started following The Bucket List Family on Instagram and I'm a little bit obsessed. They have such an amazing story.

4 / One day I want to go to Japan and visit a Hello Kitty themed restaurant.

5 / Last week, Hannah of So Obsessed With shared posts about all the different journals and planners she has. But it was her one about gratitude journals that immediately had me buying one for myself.

6 / I love all news related to Dawson's Creek but the two actors I've remained the biggest fans of and continue to follow are Joshua Jackson (obviously!) and Michelle Williams. She's a phenomenal actress but super private aside from the occasional cameo on Busy Phillips' Instagram. But this recent Vanity Fair article is a really great glimpse into her life, both professionally and personally.

7 / Honestly, I clicked on this article because they used a photo from Before Sunrise but then I ended up enjoying this woman's insights on her struggles with dating and how she believes the best is yet to come.  

8 / Lauren Conrad shares her current craving for mustard yellow, even though blush pink will always be her number one (both these statements = me).

9 / Damsel in Dior chats about her tiny travel rituals and while we don't have a ton of overlap it did get me thinking about what mine are. Creating a playlist for each trip would definitely be one of them!

10 / I normally don't share bookish links here but I couldn't resist including Kelly of Belle of the Literati's "An Open Love Letter to My Best Friends." (And not just because my photo is in the collage 😂). It's just so heartfelt and I always love a good tribute to female friendship. Right after reading it, I bought the book so I suggest you do the same.  


1 / I've sort been on a purse spree lately but I have no regrets, especially since I've been using these three a ton. It started off with this beautiful Louis Vuitton bag which was a birthday present to myself.

2 / I love classic totes that I can easily use for work or for when I need to throw all my crap into a bag and still look put together. Coach is super great for that and this City Tote (which I nabbed at an outlet for  < $100!) was the perfect addition to my collection. But mine is a dark charcoal color instead of black.

3 / This straw bag is so cute, perfect for summer, roomier than it looks (huge plus) and costs $11. I mean, you really can't go wrong with this purchase.


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!

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  1. I love that straw bag so much! But also, that LV bag is still gorgeous too <3


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