What I'm Listening To | August

Each month I'll share five songs I'm been loving all month and hopefully you'll find a song or two (or all of them!) to love as well.

Just press play to listen to all the songs!

Simply the Best - James Bay | Just when I think I can't love James Bay any more than I already do, he goes and releases this incredible cover of "Simply the Best" by Tina Turner.

Test Drive - Emily Burns | If I had to name my most listened to albums from this summer, Emily Burns' Seven Scenes from the Same Summer would definitely be on the list. This is just one of my favorite songs on the EP.

About Today - The National | This song is an oldie and one I've loved for a while. I heard it in a recent episode of The Affair (one that was all about Cole aka Joshua Jackson), so I started listening to it again (and again and again).

Give a Little - Maggie Rogers | Maggie Rogers continues to release these insanely catchy singles and all I want to know is – when will we get a full album?!

Treat Myself - Meghan Trainor | I'm just going to share the lyrics and you'll get it: "Damn, I been working real hard on myself, on my health, and my happiness / Hit pause on my life, took time on my mind, been working less / 'Cause I lost myself, I forgot myself, and I don't deserve it / Okay let me give myself a hand, uh huh / Tell myself "get up and dance" / So I move my feet, I love all of me".

James, could you please release a new cover every month?

Which song is your favorite?

Here's my full August playlist if you want to know what else I'm listening to!

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  1. SIMPLY THE BEST IS STILL MY JAM! But also, anything Maggie Rogers is perfection too <3


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