Reviews: The Good Luck Charm + Let Me List the Ways

pub 8/7/18 by Forever Romance
Romance - Contemporary
Received from pub via Netgalley
The Good Luck Charm had three elements I couldn’t resist: second chance romances, friends-to-lovers relationships and hockey (if I read “sport” books, I like this best).  And luckily for me (pun intended), I did like the book! When Ethan left Lilah to pursue his hockey dreams, she never expected him to come back eight years later hoping to pick up where they left off. Neither of them are the same people they used to be, especially her, but she can’t deny that the spark between them is still alive and kicking. That chemistry was hands-down the best thing about the story and something I picked up on from their first scene. But I think the author relied too much on the chemistry and steamy scenes instead of developing the actual relationship. It’s clear they, as individuals and a couple, have things to work through but the second half of the book became a haze of sex, co-dependency and repeat. It went on for too long and if you’re going to tell me these two are soulmates, I need to see it  to believe it and not just told. I felt the book could’ve benefited from flashbacks to show their connection or  just more scenes outside the bedroom in the present. Even the conflict was good because it felt realistic and something easily relatable but the resolution (and ending in general) felt too quick and convenient and slightly out of left field.

Do I recommend? If you want a quick romance with hot chemistry, this is worth borrowing from the library. While I didn’t love it, it has put this author on my radar and I’d check out her next book.

pub 8/7/18 by HarperTeen
Young Adult - Contemporary
Received from pub via Edelweiss
Let me list the ways in which I related to this book: girl and boy are best friends since childhood, they also happen to be next-door neighbors, they’re super close to each other’s families, and she’s in love with him but has no idea how he feels about her. This was basically me in high school except my boy was across the street, we drifted apart sometime in middle school until before my senior year of H.S., and mine was just a crush albeit a big one at the time. But basically, I was feeling this story between Mackenzie and Nolan. Another important thing to note is that Mackenzie has type 1 diabetes and throughout the entire book we are privy to all the big and small ways she has to monitor it to keep it under control. It’s clear the author did her research and I respected how she didn’t shy away from an illness that isn’t often depicted in YA books.  That all said, there was something missing for me that I can’t put my finger on. I liked it but it was a bit overly predictable and obvious at times. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually think it needed more angst and drama between the two leads. Everything just felt too neat and convenient and wrapped up perfectly in a bow (minus Mackenzie's diabetes, of course). I love HEAs just as much as the next person but I wanna see the work to get there!

Do I recommend? If you want a quick and sweet YA contemporary romance, this might be for you.

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  1. I'm sad I didn't end up liking The Good Luck Charm more! I thought it was cute, but just fine overall.


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