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Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / I enjoy looking at holiday gift guides but if I'm being honest, I usually end up finding things to buy for myself! The ones from Lauren Conrad, The Everygirl, Carly, and A Cup of Jo (the title alone cracked me up) were some of my faves. 

2 / Teen Vogue paired holiday movies with Zodiac signs and I, for one, approve of Cancer's: Home Alone!

3 / Do you hate Instagram's new design as much as I do? (The correct is yes.) One of the UX design newsletters I subscribe to did an interesting article about it which I think sheds light on why this terrible design might've done on purpose. 

4 / None of us are strangers to the fact that everyone has responded to COVID in startling different ways. BuzzFeed talks about how friendships (although I'd include family here too) have been tested during the pandemic. Luckily, the people in my life have taken it as seriously as I do but there are some acquaintances who I follow on social media that have me questioning their life choices. 

5 / The Financial Diet's article, "What ‘Toxic Positivity’ Is & How It’s Ruining Your Life" was total clickbait for me as the title alone peaked my interest. I think the writer had a lot of valuable things to say especially on the difference between staying positive and deluding yourself. 

6 / This Verily post, "Celebrating Holiday Traditions As a Single Woman" just spoke to me on so many levels. When I was a lot younger, did I imagine that by the time I hit my mid-30s my holidays would look a certain way? Absolutely. And even though that's not my reality now (or may never be), that doesn't mean I'm not happy or that I don't love creating my own Christmas traditions. 

7 / I'm sure I've mentioned this before but one of my pet peeves is when people says they've had "so much fun that they didn't bother to take a photo." And I get it, not everything needs to end up on Instagram (I have 3K+ photos on my phone; they're certainly not all on my feed). Darling Magazine talks about how photos can be an incredible reminder of specific moments in your life and I 100% feel that way too which is why I treasure the photographs littered through my whole apartment and all my albums. 


1 /
A few of the influencers I follow on Instagram kept talking about Dime Beauty so I decided to give their matte liquid lipstick a try and it has totally lived up to the hype! I've been using it every day this week (I have Bradley!). 

2 / I have a fake Christmas tree which I have no regrets over but I do love the smell of a real tree. I got this candle from Anthropologie to make up for it and it's amazing. 

3 / I love how my hair stylist blows out my hair and I realized, it has to do with the brush she uses. I ordered the same one from Amazon and it is a game changer. 


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!

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  1. I'm really curious about that Dime matte lipstick (since foundation, lip products and eyeliner are really the extent of makeup that I wear on a regular basis). It seems to be sold out now, but I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for it!

    I also feel you on the gift guides. I love browsing them, and I usually end up buying things not just for other people, but also for myself :p


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