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Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / Medium had a post last month discussing how the road to becoming a manager isn’t for everyone and I strongly identified with it as someone who loves being a senior individual contributor.

2 / A lot has been happening in our world, aside from the pandemic, and sometimes it can be really tough to keep up with everything. It can be tough from an emotional standpoint or tough in that there's so much to filter through (or in my case, it's a bit of both). Cupcakes & Cashmere put together a list of "The 7 Most Impactful Things I Saw on Social Media in August" and I personally found it helpful.

3 /  "Those extra inches on the waistline is where life happens. It’s the extra glass of rosé on a summer rooftop, or a slice of your favorite chocolate cake when you go home to visit your mom. I realized that constantly hoping to lose weight demoted these moments to be worth nothing more than a pants size or number on a scale." Read this post on The Everygirl

4 / World of Wanderlust shared what she misses most about solo travel and I just kept nodding my head the entire time I read and thinking, same girl, same. 

5 / This list of "18 Awkward Office Moments I Definitely Don’t Miss" from The Financial Diet made me laugh. Especially 3, 4, 5, and especially 8. I have gone through some drastic measures to avoid #8. 

6 / So, I did quite a bit of shopping in August between my apartment and.. well, myself. I decided no shopping (or at least less) in September and then yesterday I started getting all the Labor Day sale emails. The shopping ban may have to start next Tuesday but if you need to know where all the sales are, Extra Petite has the ones I'm eyeing listed. 

7 / I've always marched to the beat of my own drum and tried to have faith in my timeline, even as friends around me were getting married, having babies and all that jazz. (Still single and baby-free over here!) With Love from Kat talks about the questions and opinions people want to impose on your personal life and how to deal with it


1 / I am obsessed with Fruits Basket! I was lukewarm on the first season but towards the end and all of season 2 so far has completely hooked me. The crazier the story gets, the more I'm sucked in. Not to mention my ship is taking off and it's giving me all the feels. The first season (of the 2019 version) is available on Hulu but if you want to see Season 2 (currently airing), you'll need Crunchyroll.

2 / I'd been waiting for months for the Our Place Always Pan in spice to come back in stock and as soon as it did, I ordered. The color is beautiful but more importantly, the pan is amazing! It's mean to replace your "fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rests" and I can totally vouch for this. I use it all the time now. 

3 / My best friend Carina gifted me this Jiggy Puzzle for my birthday. I finally put it together a couple weeks ago and it's honestly the most beautiful puzzle I've ever worked on. I love the packaging and the artists they've chosen to highlight. It's on the pricier side but well-worth it and makes such a great gift for puzzle (and art) lovers. 


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!

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  1. Macky caved and also finally bought the Our Place Always Pan for our apartment! I can't wait to get it and start using it, especially since I've been cooking more these days.


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