My Favorite Jewelry Brands

I love jewelry. Putting on my necklace, earrings, bracelet, and rings are the final step in my getting ready routine. But it did take a while for me to figure out what style fit me best. For the longest time I was all about the silver jewelry, then I went through a brief phase of loving rose gold, and then after I bought a gold necklace from Missoma, I've only worn gold ever since. 

I've done my share of buying jewelry and over the years I've become a lot better at figuring out what I'll get the most use out of and which brands I can rely on. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite jewelry brands and which items I love most from each. 

Sometimes you've just got to treat yourself and Cartier and Tiffany are two luxury brands to consider. And if you do decide to splurge, I'd recommend going with classic pieces you can wear every day over trendy ones.  

Cartier |  I bought the Love Wedding Band (it's just a smaller band compared to the regular size) as an early Christmas present to myself last year and I've worn it every day since. It has 100% been worth the investment. 

Tiffany | I bought the Atlas Open Pendant, during my rose gold phase. It's a beautiful necklace that can actually pass for a darker gold, rather than rose. 

These are brands I turn to over and over again as beautiful every day pieces, ranging from dainty to a bit more statement, that won't break the bank. 

Missoma London | This is my absolute favorite. The Lucy Williams coin necklace is my every day go-to and I always get compliments on it. Their earrings (like the hoops pictured above) and necklaces are what I buy most. One thing to note is that their moonstone jewelry will tarnish (at least mine did) but I haven't had any issues with my other jewelry from them (and I have quite a bit!). Plus they have a one-year guarantee and will replace anything that you have issues with. 

Local eclectic | As the name suggests, this is a great site that promotes a huge variety of independent artists and unique jewelry. What I love about their pieces is that they make a statement while still being on the delicate side, which is my personal preference. The pearl ring I included above is one example of that and it's just a stunner in person.

Gorjana | Again, if you love delicate gold jewelry, this is a must. From their store, I love their bracelets because they're almost all adjustable! If you have tiny wrists like me, then you'll understand how awesome this is. I have the super star bracelet and my best friend recently gifted me the Chloe mini bracelet, both of which I wear very often. 

Miranda Frye | I started getting into their jewelry when I saw (and became obsessed with) the London bracelet. This my go-to bracelet and can be worn at two lengths. The shorter length fits me best but I'll admit, I wish I could take off the extra links instead (the little tail bothers me!). Their bracelets may not be geared towards petite wrists but they're still gorgeous and I love their earrings as well.

During quarantine, I discovered some new brands (thanks to lots of scrolling on Instagram) that impressed me.

Hello Adorn | Again, the rings and bracelets are what caught my attention most. This wrap ring is so fun and pairs well with my ever present Cartier love ring. 

Shashi | The bracelets on this site are super cute! The Baby Bianca Cuff is absolutely perfect for my wrist and adds a bit of sparkle to any outfit. Then their dream bracelet was also something different to add to my collection. I love the mix of pearls and letters.

April Soderstrom | This was very different for me because I normally don't go for beaded bracelets. But this nude peach moonstone bracelet was irresistible and I wear it constantly. The best part? For an extra $5, you can get a custom size which I totally took advantage off. My exact bracelet isn't in stock anymore but this one is pretty close

These are places that I felt were worth mentioning but I personally don't know how often I'll be shopping at them, which I'll explain below. 

Telle Mere Telle Fille | I stumbled upon their storefront while I was roaming around Montmarte in Paris, France. I was like a kid in candy store when I went inside. I bought earrings and a necklace. Then when I got home, I used the coupon they gave me to buy another pair of earrings and a bracelet. Their jewelry is super high quality, affordable, and gorgeous. But because they're in France and a boutique, the shipping rates are really high so I wouldn't shop there unless I went back to Paris or had a worthwhile coupon. 

Anthropologie | They're admittedly kind of a hit-or-miss with me. Even though I'll find a lot of their jewelry appealing, I often feel like they're overly priced. But every once in a while I'll see something really pretty at a decent price, like this monogram pearl necklace which I love. 

Panahon Designs | I literally just ordered from them for the first time a few weeks ago and I'm in love with the piece I got. They repurpose luxury accessories and turn them into jewelry! It's such a great idea and they're totally affordable, which was unexpected. I got a Chanel necklace (of course!) and it's beyond perfect. But if I'm being honest, I don't know how often I would buy pieces like this? I jumped on the Chanel one immediately for obvious reasons but for now, I'm going to keep following them on Instagram because I'm curious to see what else they come up with! 

What are some of your favorite jewelry brands?


  1. I always get my jewelry recommendations from you, since I genuinely think you have the best taste in jewelry and can find such cute things! I'm definitely thinking of buying a few more jewelry pieces throughout 2021 (mostly to upgrade my current collection), so will definitely be bookmarking this post.

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