Recent Purchases I'm Obsessed With

I'll be honest, between stress and the incredible sales for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, I did quite a bit of shopping since my last post. But I keep telling myself that I should take advantage of the great prices while they're available since who knows if the deals will be as good next year. 

Here's what I'm obsessed with at the moment! 

J.Crew Petite chateau parka in Italian stadium-cloth wool | I absolutely love this coat! I had the J.Crew Factory version for at least 5 years if not longer and because I used it so much, it was in need of replacing. The regular version is much better quality and still 40% off. 

iPhone 12 Pro (gold) | I hadn't gotten a new phone since I bought the iPhone X a year after it came out so I knew I'd be upgrading this year and wow, totally worth it. The camera on this is incredible. 

J.Crew Petite cocoon coat in Italian stadium-cloth wool | Yes, I got two new coats but this sale was unbeatable! I also had the J.Crew Factory of this (the city coat) for a few years and while I did like it a lot, I had a feeling the regular version would be better and I was right. The quality and the thickness of the wool makes it well worth the price. Plus it's just very chic looking!

Amami Loida Creolla earrings | I found out about Cambio & Co, a business that partners with Filipino artists to promote and sell their work, during Filipino Heritage Month. When I checked out the site, I immediately fell in love with these earrings by Amami. They're even more beautiful in person. 

Telle Mere Telle Fille Bangle Gabrielle | I love this France-based brand but the shipping cost is just so high that I usually wait until there's a sale to order. And well, during Black Friday it was like 20% off (or maybe it was free shipping?) but regardless, it was an invitation to shop. Of the two bracelets I ordered, this is my favorite! I'd been eyeing it for a while and the fit is just perfect for my small wrists.

Abercrombie Heavyweight Blanket Scarf | I am obsessed with these blanket scarves! Which is why I own two, in grey herringbone and tan plaid. They're super warm and I adore the classic, neutral prints. I can see myself using these for many, many winter seasons to come. 

Erborian CC Red Correct | I bought this on a whim because an influencer had raved about the brand and with their Cyber Monday sale, it felt worth it to try the smaller size of this and see how it worked. It arrived so fast and in the three days that I've had it, it was love at first use. It smoothed out my redness in a very natural way! I've actually been skipping foundation and just using this in combination with my concealer (still loving Tarte Shape Tape!). 

H&M Fine-knit collared sweater | I love Peter Pan collars so when I saw this on H&M, I couldn't resist. I've already worn it a bunch of times and it's just so cute! I pair it with jeans and flats and immediately feel put together. 

Have you bought anything lately that you're obsessed with?


  1. The JCrew chateau parka is my favorite coat ever! It's a new tradition of mine to buy a new color during Black Friday sales each year! The cocoon coat is gorgeous too! And I really love those earrings!

  2. That H&M sweater is so perfectly your style! But my favorite things in this post are the two jewelry pieces. The earrings are stunning (and I'm excited to purchase something from that site eventually), and I really love that beautiful bracelet too!

  3. I also bought new coats during the pandemic. It feels counter intuitive but they're so much nicer than what I was replacing.


with love,