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What is there even to say about this month? This global COVID-19 pandemic has permeated all of our daily lives and I'm just trying my best to stay sane. It's been this mix of taking it day by day, figuring out my new normal, and hoping to be prepared for the worst. But most of all, I miss my dad, my family and friends. Don't get me wrong, if quarantining myself helps to slow things down, I will 100% do my part. It's tough but I'm making it work as best I can. It's just really hard being alone all the time. I've always loved living on my own but right now, I do wish there was someone here to share the burden with me and to talk to face-to-face. I haven't really done any Zoom (I don't count the endless work meetings) or FaceTime "meet-ups" with anyone yet but maybe I should.

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  • Tweet Cute by Emma Lord - 4 stars
    Very cute rom-com from this debut author! I thoroughly enjoyed the love/hate relationship between Pepper and Jack and all the baked goods mentioned (I would totally be baking right now if my oven worked). 
  • Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins - 4 stars
    I did a binge re-read of this series for Paranormal Book Club! I'll be sharing my thoughts in a separate post but let's just say, this series held up for me years later!

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  1. March 2020 was definitely a very tumultuous time in general, especially as we adjusted to the new normal that needed to be enforced. I'm thinking back to it now and it's pretty incredible that we somehow managed to end the month slowly finding our footing in the new normal, you know?


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