Happy thoughts

It's been almost a year since my last Happy Thoughts post and I honestly can't think of a better time than right now to think about what I can be grateful for when the world feels pretty crazy. I feel like I need to make this list for my own peace of mind because right now there's this weight on my chest whenever I think about how long these lockdowns will last, if someone I love will get sick or when's the next time I can even see my family. It's a lot deal with and in this moment, I'm choosing to share the things, big and small, that are bringing me joy lately.

I have a job that lets me work from home
Basically getting 3 extras hours back without a commute
(But don't me wrong, I miss NYC a lot.)
Putting the extra hours to good use (at least I like to think I am!)
Finally having time to exercise via long walks or yoga
Little apartment projects to keep me busy
So much cleaning and de-cluttering
Texts and phone calls with friends & family
(Thankful for the people who take time to check-in 💖)
Joshua Jackson in Little Fires Everywhere
Ordering a Nintendo Switch Lite + Link's Awakening
Season 5 of The Magicians actually being good
Brand new art in my dining room
The sun almost always being out, even when it's cold
Crossing off items on my to-do lists
DoorDash, UberEats and Instacart
Finding toilet paper! (I can't believe this is a thing.)
A couple pints of Talenti gelato in my freezer
Blueberry pancakes on a Sunday morning
Hearing my niece say she wishes I was in LA with her
Getting almost 8 hours of sleep every day this past week
Binge-reading the Sweet Trilogy for Paranormal Book Club
All the snacks currently in my apartment
Friends & family continue to be safe and well

What are some of your happy thoughts right now?


  1. Love the positivity! I'm working from home too which makes life a little less stressful. Plus, I'm getting loads of reading done and plenty of sleep, which is always a bonus :)

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com

  2. Love your post! My happy thought is that while on social distancing order, i can binge on ballet workout videos and face masks :)

  3. This practice of listing out some happy thoughts really is a good one! I'm grateful for those moments where I remind myself of the good, happy things in my life, especially considering the current climate of the world we're living in.


with love,