Links + Loves

Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / This blogger at The Slow Traveler hacked her own Instagram account as an experiment and it was so interesting to find out why she did it.

2 / Apparently, millennial pink is over (whatever, pink is never over) and the new color in town is millennial lilac, which I am obviously not opposed to. I just wish these marketers would stop putting the word "millennial" in front of it. How about "xennial lilac" instead?

3 / Lauren Conrad shares "5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life" and these are all things I try to do semi-regularly, or at the very least every season.

4 / If you use Instagram, you may have noticed that "story templates" have exploded in the last month and it all started with the blogger at The Sunday Chapter. I've followed her blog for a while but not her IG (I do now!) and it's so crazy how one little, seemingly obvious, idea can go viral. Read her story here.

5 / From high school until shortly after graduating from college, I would've told you my favorite singer was Christina Aguilera. I was such a huge fan and still have a soft spot for her. It's been a while since she's released anything but if her new look and interview in Paper Magazine is any indication, I think that's about to change! I can't wait.

6 / The Financial Diet talks about how to deal with an unsatisfying job until you choose your next endeavor. Lots of great advice. It's basically how I approached my recent job hunt.

7 / I love seeing Filipino culture feature on major pop culture sites so when PopSugar posted "10 Filipino Foods You Should Know About," I had to check it out. (Their list is on point.)

8 / I remember when my fear of flying prevented me from traveling anywhere, especially alone, and while I still get scared from time to time, I'm so glad I faced it and learned to deal with it. Damsel in Dior wrote about how she fights her fears and I totally related.

9 / I saved the best for last! It was #CreekWeek last week which was the most unexpectedly awesome thing to happen. Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast of Dawson's Creek for a photo shoot, full 55-min interview on PeopleTV, and a whole slew of articles.


1 / I bought OLEHENRIKSEN Pore-Balance™ Facial Sauna Scrub on a whim and wow, best exfoliator ever. I loved how my skin looked and felt after using it.

2 / When it comes to editing my photos, I'd be using VSCO for forever but these last few months I switched to mainly using A Color Story and it's my new fave. The interface is so much easier to use (and prettier) plus their filters are much more me.

3 / In my recent FabFitFun box, I got a rose-gold love bracelet from Maya Brenner and I've been wearing it almost every day since. It's so delicate and pretty!


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!


  1. A Color Story is my favorite too! I switched over from VSCO about a year ago and I'm so pleased that I did!

  2. thanks for that info, :) Greeting from Perú :)

  3. I still adore and use the A Color Story app all the time! It's so fun, and I love browsing their presets :D


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