Life lately

Where do I even start? Maybe with Hello, Chelly! For a few months now, I’d been thinking about redesigning and reorganizing my blog but it wasn’t until my staycation that I finally got around to doing it. I had been helping Alexa and her sister Rachel swap out their blog designs and realized, wait I actually have time to work on mine too! And that’s what I did. I bought a template, created a new header and set of graphics, streamlined my features (and renamed a few, like this one!) and put it up in like 2 days. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Another snowstorm and part of the reason why I had time to redesign my blog ☺

It’s hard to believe that was only a few weeks ago. Because immediately after that I was in DC for ApollyCon, starting a new job and thinking about what to focus on next. The job search was my #1 goal this year but next on the list was health. I somewhat started on it last year but since I don't work from home on Fridays anymore, that means no more morning zumba. Which means I need find a new routine (yoga at home?) and most important of all, watch what I eat. I decided on a whim after a big Easter lunch that I was going to track my food and omg, it is so hard! But it's also been eye-opening because I thought I was a fairly healthy eater and as it turns out, I'm really not. So I'm going to better. Less junk food and sweets (ugh). Meal prep for lunch instead of buying (double ugh). On a positive note, this will not affect my ice cream habits because i don't want to be miserable.

But the best part about these last couple of weeks was seeing Children of a Lesser God with Estelle and James Bay with Alexa. Estelle and I make a point to see Joshua Jackson whenever he does a Broadway show (we saw Smart People last year) and this is my favorite. It’s definitely heavy which I knew going in because I had seen the movie a while ago but seeing it on stage was something else. It's about Sarah Norman, a deaf custodian, and James Leeds, a hearing speech teacher, and how their different points-of-view on speech and deafness create tension and complications in their romantic relationship. The majority of the play is done in sign language although Leeds (Jackson) and other characters do speak. It's just such a different experience for a play and one I'd highly recommend.

Before the show, Estelle and I went to Vida Verde. The food was great + I shazammed half their playlist!

Lauren Ridloff and Joshua Jackson were so good!

And lastly, Jame Bay. This was my second time to see him live (and my first time going to Brooklyn Steel) and I seriously love him more than ever. He already sounds amazing on his albums but he's even better live. He puts some much energy and emotion into every song he plays. It just goes to show that all you really need is an incredible voice, a talented band and music that truly touches people. I'm even more excited for the new album now!

If you're going to a concert at Brooklyn Steel and want some delicious Southern comfort food (and friendly service), 
you must go to Taste of Heaven

A little blurry but hopefully you can tell that we're so happy to be there!

James Bay <3

What have you been up to lately?


  1. That show sounds great! Also I love the new blog look! :-)

  2. Congrats on the new job! And I highly recommend daily yoga- I've been sticking to it for just under a month now and I honestly look forward to it every night!

  3. James Bay is seriously incredible live, and I will always go out of my way to see him live whenever I can! I'm glad we could share that experience <3


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