Binge-worthy New Adult Romances

It’s so secret that I love a good binge and New Adult Romances are a favorite of mine. After a long week at work, there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting into bed with a good romance novel to chase away all and any stress. Which is why I don’t binge these in my usual fashion (as in, 5 books one after another in a week). In this case, I’ll read or two at the end of each week. Because as I said, I consider it a pick-me-up and because these books are typically companion novels in a series. There’s no cliffhangers–just the promise of a new romance to get lost in.

Recently, I’ve found a couple new series to get addicted to (Wild Seasons and Something More!) and best of all, Alexa started reading the NA books I’ve been recommending (like the ones I just mentioned). It inspired to me to do another one of my binge-worthy series posts except this time, it’s all about New Adult. (My first one was about paranormal and fantasy.)

Wild Seasons by Christina Lauren
I knew wanted to read more Christina Lauren after loving Roomies and DJ recommended I read this next. I started the series on a whim while in Iceland and I could not put it down! During the bus rides on our tours, my attentions were split between the scenery, napping and the steamy romance brewing between Mia and Ansel in Sweet Filthy Boy. It’s about 3 best girl friends who meet 3 hot guys who are also best friends in Las Vegas and craziness ensues. Except out of that insanity comes something real, romantic and super sexy. As you can imagine, each of the friends get paired up and each book focuses on different couple. My favorites are the first and the third but aside from the relationships (which I promise you will adore), it's the friendships seen in this tight knit group that play a huge factor in why I love these books. (Side-note: I currently refuse to read the 4th one.)

Favorite in the series: Sweet Filthy Boy

Something More by Danielle Pearl
Funny story, I read this series backwards. Estelle gifted me with the fourth book, In Pieces, and I was blown away by the tension and chemistry between the two main characters. It unexpectedly became one of my favorite reads from last year (snuck in at the last minute)! I continued with the series at the beginning of the year by reading the third book, In Ruins, before finally reading about the first couple featured in Normal and Okay (the first two books go together). Like I said, backwards and it was totally fine! I will say that Pearl’s writing only gets better and better which I could see clearly by reading in reverse. But regardless, every book had a good story with unexpected twists, angst, characters to love and steamy moments.

Favorite book in the series: In Pieces

Off-Campus by Elle Kennedy
A lot of people may not know this about me, but I love stories with hockey players (I attribute it to my younger self’s obsession with The Mighty Ducks and Erich Segal’s book, Love Story). Off-Campus features four hot guys who share a house and play on their college’s hockey team together. Each book focuses on a different guy and the girl who comes in to change their lives. And from the moment I met Hannah and Garrett in The Deal, I was completely hooked. Every couple deals with their own set of distinct issues, albeit some heavier than others, and Kennedy handles each one so well. It’s impossible not to love the characters, although I definitely have my favorites.

Favorite book in this series: The Deal

Love Unexpectedly by Lauren Layne
This series is different in that it all focuses on a single theme (unexpected love!) but each book is a standalone. No overlapping characters or settings–just a brand new story each time. In Blurred Lines, you have two best friends who decide to add benefits to their relationship and begin wonder if they really can just be casual. In Good Girl, a famous country singer flees to a remote mansion in Louisiana to escape tabloid fodder, only to find herself attracted to the brooding hot caretaker. Love Story follows two childhood sweethearts forced on a road trip together and get a second chance. Then lastly, Walk of Shame is about a pampered but kind NYC heiress and a workaholic divorce lawyer who have nothing in common and yet sparks fly. I mean, don’t you just want to read all these books? They’re so, so good.

My favorite book in the series: Blurred Lines

The McGregor Brothers by Karina Halle
Who doesn’t want to read about five hot Scottish brothers? (If you say no, you’re lying.) Each can be read as a standalone but in the earlier books, you definitely see more cameos from other characters because of their friendships (which I always love!). We’re first introduced to Linden and Steph who are best friends and “jokingly” made a pact to marry each other if neither were in a relationship by 30. We see their relationships at different ages until the inevitable 3-0 hits and wow, just wow. I’ve read a lot of Karina Halle books (nearly all) and this is hands-down one of my faves. The chemistry is always hot in every book but still fun and she has a way of adding these tender moments that get to me. There are 5 books total in the series plus one novella and I've read them all but I thought the first and third were the best!

Favorite book in this series: The Pact

What are some of your favorite New Adult romances 
and have you read any of these?


  1. *adds to TBR* Wild Seasons is high on my list! I want to read more Christina Lauren after loving Roomies too!

  2. I'm so proud of myself for now having read all of these series! I consider that a personal triumph ;)


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