Project Ice Cream 2017

If you're a friend or a long-time follower of my blog, then you already know all about Project Ice Cream. But if you don't, here's the gist of it: I love ice cream (understatement) and have an ever-growing list of places in NYC that I want to try. I always share pictures on Instagram and am often joined by friends whenever I cross new places off my list. About once a year I do a big post of all the new places I've tried and since it's the end of summer, it seemed like the right time.

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1. Soft Swerve • They have exotic flavors that I love like ube purple yam, macapuno coconut (two very Filipino-inspired flavors!), matcha green tea, and black sesame. Despite all the toppings and generous serving, it's surprisingly fresh and light and not overly sweet at all. I want to go back, especially because they're debuting a new flavor – lychee!

2. I-CE NY • Rolled ice cream is such a thing right now and I get it! It's fun to watch them make it and it does taste good. But I have to say, I wasn't that in love with this place. I still enjoyed my ice cream (Thai iced tea with lychee, choco wafer rolls and condensed milk) but my favorite for this specialty is still 10Below.

3. Popbar • I was genuinely surprised by the number of places they had and all the toppings! I got the Irish coffee ice cream with white chocolate and caramel corn. It was delicious. 

4. Taiyaki NYC • Their presentation is so on point that it's no wonder I keep seeing photos of their ice cream on my Instagram feed. They have fun combos (I got the unicorn one) and the warm fish cone is tasty but it was really messy to eat. I'd go back again though. 

5. New Territories  • They had so many things I wanted to try! But in the end, I went with "U-be Trippin" which is: ube bubble waffle (!!), earl grey ice cream, condensed milk drizzle, animal crackers, whipped cream and fruity pebbles. It was so good and perfect if you're in the mood for an ice cream for dinner kind of night. 

6. La Newyorkina • It's a Mexican ice cream place and the inside of their store has got to be one of the cutest I've seen! I got scoops of tres leches and coffee salted cajeta caramel in a waffle cone and I kid you not, this ice cream was practically the size of my head. (My friend offered to take a photo to show the comparison and I declined, haha.) But it was really good. 

7. Milk and Ice Cream Bar • This combines two of my favorites–ice cream and cereal–so it should be no surprise that this is now a favorite of mine. They have 18 different cereals you can have mixed in with your ice cream, a ton of toppings and pink cones! What's not to love? (I already want to go back soon.)

8. Bingbox Snow Cream • I am a huge fan of shaved ice cream! Mainly because you can eat a ton of it and not feel full. It's just super refreshing and light. They have a bunch of preset combos to choose from but decided to make my own: taro snow cream with mochi, fruity pebbles, lychee, condensed milk and a waffle cookie. 

9. Momofuku Milk BarFor the most part, I prefer traditional ice cream over soft serve but I have to say, Momofuku's was A+. I got their traditional cereal milk with corn flakes and maybe I'm just a sucker for anything with cereal but I really enjoyed it! 

From this list, I think my top three faves are: Soft Swerve, Milk and Ice Cream Bar 
and Bingbox Snow Cream. (So hard to choose!)


What ice cream places have you visited this summer?

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  1. I'm planning on trying Soft Swerve this weekend! And I REALLY want to get to Milk and Ice Cream bar ASAP<3 I always look forward to your ice post every year!

  2. This is amazing! New York always has the best dessert places! Ice cream is my all time favorite sweet treat so I'd love to try all of these places one day if I ever make it out to New York!

    -Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

  3. I miss Soft Swerve and would like to go back soon! We've got to add it to our list of places to revisit ;)

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