Project Ice Cream continues

Not that this should surprise anyone who knows me (or follows me on Instagram) but I'm still taking Project Ice Cream very seriously. And for those of you who don't know about my little project well.. two years ago, I created a spreadsheet-turned-Wunderlist of all the ice cream places in NYC that I wanted to try. It's a ever-growing list, which suits me just fine because one of my favorite things to do every summer is to cross off as many places as I can. And this past summer has been very successful!

[top to bottom; left to right]

1. Ample Hills Creamery • Here's where I kicked off my summer of ice cream! (With Alexa coming along for most these outings, of course.) I got Snap Mallow Pop (yum rice krispie treats) and Salted Crack Caramel.

2. Snowdays • When Carina and I checked this place out, we were in heaven. It had our favorite flavors and toppings so we really could not go wrong. I got "Made in Taiwan" which is green tea snow, grass jelly, mochi, and drizzled condensed milk and Carina got "Got Seoul" which is half green tea, half roasted black sesame snow cream with fresh mangos, sweet red bean, mochi, almonds and condensed milk.

3. Ice & Vice • It's such a tiny little shop that you'd probably miss it if you weren't on a mission to try their ice cream. I didn't do my homework beforehand so I had no idea what to order but I went with the 9am (Toasted Milk, Sea Salt, Chocolate Ganache) which was delicious. But I want their Detention Ice Cream Sandwich next time.

4. GROM • I usually can't resist stracciatella gelato but I went for the Caramella al sale (caramel and pink Himalayan salt) instead and it was a very good choice. Sweet and super refreshing.

5. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream • Ever since I saw their black coconut ash ice cream, I knew I had to try it this summer. Of course, the place was packed and Alexa and I went on one of the hottest days. Plus did I mention that we forgot to get napkins? We stood on the corner with ice cream dripping everywhere and it was absolutely worth it.

6. Holey Cream • Donut ice cream sandwiches! Need I say more? What I love is that you can choose everything. Type of donut, toppings (sprinkles, Oreos, M&Ms, etc.) and two flavors of ice cream. We wisely chose to share.

7. Sam's Fried Ice Cream • This place wasn't on my list but they were at the Queens Night Market I went to with Carina so clearly we had to try! How do they keep the ice cream from melting when they fry it? (This is what we wondered about while eating.)

8. Victory Garden • They have fresh goat milk soft serve and use local ingredients so their flavors change on a daily basis, although they have their regulars. I went with their Churro Sundae which has baked churros, cinnamon-brown sugar crumbles, goat milk caramel and chocolate drizzle.

9. Vivi's Bubble Tea • I hadn't heard of this place until it showed up on my Instagram feed (thanks Explore!) and they have a wide variety of desserts and treats. Alexa and I got a few things to share and I highly recommend going with a friend to do the same. For ice cream, I got Rose which is a flavor I love but rarely see.

Honorable Mentions aka ice creams places NOT in New York!

10. Murphy's Ice Cream • If you're ever in Dublin and craving ice cream, this is the spot to check out.

11. Four Seas • Likewise, if you're visiting Cape Cod, MA I really liked the old school feel of this place. And the ice cream was good too!

And in case you were wondering, my favorites are: Snowdays, Morgenstern's and Holey Cream.
(I think.)

What ice cream places have you tried this summer? 

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  1. So many ice cream places, so little time ;) It was totally fun to go on all these ice cream adventures with you! And just seeing this post makes me want ice cream :D


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