Return to Green Gables: BookBags (31)

I love the idea of doing a BookBags post for Anne! Even though I was certain it would be really hard. Maybe the stars were just aligned but for some reason, I was able to find six matching bags in like 20 minutes. That was a whole new record for me! But I'm so excited to share how it turned out. For the book covers, I wanted to use a pretty and colorful set which is how I decided on the ones by Aladdin Classics Simon & Schuster. For whatever reason they only had pictures of six of the eight books but it ended up working out really well.

So without further ado:

(1) Anne of Green Gables + Small Shadow Crossbody
Just when I think I'm over Coach bags, I end up finding something that I love! This crossbody matches perfectly with the cover. 

(2) Anne of Avonlea + Classic Nylon Lyla Weekender
Kate Spade is still one of my favorite places to shop for bags so I wasn't surprised to find something here. Since lately my vacations have been short getaways, I've been looking at cute weekenders more and more. I would definitely consider getting this one! 

(3) Anne of Island + Mini Push Lock Crossbody Bag
I love Cambridge Satchel (even though I haven't used mine in a while). They're well-made and classic! They're known for a certain style so I was pleasantly surprised to see something a little different like this. 

(4) Anne's House of Dreams + Unlisted Tote
I haven't been into Rebecca Minkoff bags lately (shocking, I know!) but I love a good tote and this one fits the bill. I like the color, simplicity and it looks like soft leather which appeals to me because it's easier to just thrown stuff in. 

(5) Rainbow Valley + Bowled Over Satchel
I thought for sure this would be tough to find a bag for! The color is so specific but luckily I found something cute right away on Vera Bradley. Which was another shock because I didn't know they did solid color, leather bags. I'm so used to her printed fabric ones. I will be visiting her site again very soon! 

(6) Rilla of Ingleside + Leather Tote
I could easily see myself using this Ted Baker London Tote. If the price was a lot cheaper. But for now, I will just admire the color and how it would look with one of my many black dresses or dark jeans. 


Which bag is your favorite?

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  1. I love all these bag choices - they're so spot on! I may or may not have put the Vera Bradley and Rebecca Minkoff bags onto a shopping list. They're quite pretty, and totally fit my personal aesthetic ;)


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