Return to Green Gables: Kindred Spirits

I’ve known one of my best friends since I was 7 years old. When we were in middle school, we both fell in love with Anne of Green Gables. Me, it was the books followed quickly by the movies. Her, the movies. We immediately latched onto the idea of kindred spirits, even going so far as referring to each other as such, and likened ourselves to Anne and Diana. Like Anne, I had a tendency to have my head in the clouds, loved books and writing and was very much an emotional person. (I’m definitely still like that but a more mature version!). Whereas she was like Diana — practical, a bit more “proper” and I’d say, constantly humoring me.

I think part of the reason why Anne and Diana’s friendship resonates with me so much is because of all this. I connect with it completely. They met by chance as young girls, professing to be best friends forever (gosh, it’s so easy at that age!) and 15+ years later, they’re still kindred spirits. They do something that’s so hard even now — they grow up without growing apart. I mean obviously things aren’t quite what they used to be. But even as married women with children, they find time for one another. They each named a daughter after the other. It seriously warms my heart just thinking about them. Because when they do spend time together, they can’t help reverting to their girlish selves. Walking arm in arm, indulging in daydreams and chatting about the latest gossip. As adults, Diana and Anne have this sweet conversation:

"Our friendship has always been a very lovely thing, Diana."
"Yes . . . and we've always . . . I mean . . . I never could say things like you, Anne . . . but we have kept our old 'solemn vow and promise,' haven't we?"
"Always . . . and always will."
Anne's hand found its way into Diana's. They sat for a long time in a silence too sweet for words.
- Anne of Ingleside

It’s a beautiful thing to be friends for so long. I loved how they accepted each other for exactly who they were and supported one another throughout their entire lives. You just never know that the person you met as a young girl can end up being a friend for life.


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  1. Diana and Anne are totally friendship goals! Especially in adulthood. I loved the fact that their friendship definitely grew with them. It's quite inspiring!


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