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Like I mentioned yesterday, Two for the Road follows the ups and downs of one couple’s 12 year relationship and the big moments in their lives, which have often occurred on road trips. In particular, how they met and fell in love. 

Here are FIVE of my favorite road trip (with a heavy dose of romance) books that should get you in the mood for Two for the Road or give you something to read after watching the movie. 

1. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson
Amy is struggling with the death of her father and her mother’s decision to move them to Connecticut from California. It’s her responsibility to drive the car cross-country but she just can’t do it. This is how her old family friend, Roger, enters the story. Because he needs to make the same drive, Amy’s mother decides the two of them should go together. They each have things they’re dealing with but on the road, they begin to face them, become real friends and of course, something more.

This is such a good book and one you need to borrow or buy to read (an e-book will not do it justice!). It’s filled with pictures, receipts, postcards and playlists. When I think of road trip books, this is the first one that comes to mind.

2. Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt 

Jordan and Courtney were a couple. In love, going to the same college and planning to drive cross-country together for orientation. Then Jordan suddenly dumps Courtney for a girl he met on the Internet and they STILL go on said road trip. They both think they can handle it but what Courtney doesn’t realize is that Jordan has a secret that’s tied to their break-up. And.. he still cares.

Of the books mentioned here, Jordan and Courtney’s relationship reminds me of Two for the Road the most. I think because they have the whole love/hate thing going on (hate more on Courtney’s side due to the breakup) and the book itself is just laugh-out-loud funny.

3. Saving June by Hannah Harrington
When Harper’s older sister June takes her own life, Harper and everyone who knew her is devastated and plagued with the question why. Harper decides that she needs to take her sister’s ashes to California, where she always dreamed of going. This means stealing them from her parents and driving cross-country with her best friend Laney and.. Jake Tolan. A boy Harper meets at June’s funeral and has a connection to her sister that he won’t explain. He insists on joining them and along the way, she can’t help falling for him as he both charms and exasperates her.

You know how I love these kind of romances so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed this book a lot. The husband in Two for the Road is actually a lot like Jake now that I think about it. He’s both exasperating and charming and like Harper, Audrey can’t help falling for him.

4. Open Road Summer by Emery Lord 
This might be a slight stretch on the whole road trip thing since technically Reagan is on tour with her best friend slash country superstar Lilah (“Dee”) Montgomery and they’re being chauffeured on a bus. But they are traveling all over the US and there is a super cute guy involved (I adore you Matt Finch!) so I think it counts. I just think this book has everything. Being on the road, music, a friendship that will make you think of your own BFF and a swoon-worthy romance. Seriously, if you haven’t read this book yet you are missing out.

5. In Honor by Jessi Kirby 
Three days after finding out her brother Finn died, Honor receives his last letter to her and opens it on the day of his funeral. Inside are two things: concert tickets for her favorite pop star and a request that Honor tell the singer Finn was in love with her (she was his celeb crush). In her grief, Honor is determined to leave right away but she’s stopped by Finn’s best friend Rusty (picture a Tim Riggins look-a-like) who decides he’s going with her. They bond in a way neither of them expect and share in one another’s grief. There is romance (it’s inevitable!) but it’s also a lot about what they see and experience on the road.

 What are your favorite road trip books? 


  1. I absolutely LOVE In Honor by Jessi Kirby! I also enjoyed Amy & Roger's Epic Detour and Open Road Summer, but I have yet to read Two Way Street.

    Julia Anne @ Peach Print

  2. What lovely book recs! I've read 4/5, so I guess that means I should check out Two Way Street to finish off your list. And just seeing your recommendations in books makes me want to see the film even more so... good job!


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