All About Audrey: The Fashion

Audrey Hepburn is synonymous with style and to this day she continues to be a major fashion icon. There were so many different outfits to choose from to recreate but somehow I managed to pick. And I really love these outfits!  

Recreated from: Roman Holiday 

Roman Holiday is one of my favorite Audrey movies and when I picture it, this is the outfit I remember most. I can just see her exploring the city with her new pixie haircut and riding on a vespa. The outfit is something I think could still be worn today. It was pretty exciting to be able to find such similar pieces to the original. 

2. Cotton Neckerchief ($22.50) 

Inspired by: How to Steal A Million

The entire time I watched How to Steal A Million, I was either laughing at their antics or admiring every single outfit Audrey wore. But out of everything, this is the one I found myself wanting to wear and own the most. (I'm seriously considering buying these items!) It was fun to find a modern take on her outfit. 


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  1. I was so excited to see this post as I am in love with Audrey Hepburn's style. So classic! And you did such a great job recreating the outfits! Especially with look #2 from How to Steal a Million. I love that you were able to find a dress that had a similar collar to the one Audrey was wearing!

  2. Can we please discuss how I just want everything in this post to magically appear in my closet? Because I do! I might not know much about Audrey as an actress, but I'm familiar with her style. In many ways, I think I subconsciously try to emulate her classy, feminine, comfortable, stylish self -- though I don't think I'll ever look as beautiful as she always did :)


with love,