All About Audrey: The Films

No matter what role Audrey Hepburn plays, you can always count on her to bring her beauty and unique charm to the big screen. It's part of what makes her movies timeless and a favorite to many even today. Hannah and I are going to share three of our favorites plus one movie we want to see (so make sure to head over to her blog to see her picks!). 


Two for the Road (1967) 
This is my absolute favorite! It's about a husband and wife, played by Albert Finney (I always remember him as the dad from Big Fish) and Audrey, who are on road trip to Southern France. Along the way, they end up looking back on their twelve year relationship and we get flashbacks to when they first met, how they become a couple and the obstacles (and love) they've faced since then. Their relationship is also marked by the many travels they've taken together so that's a big part of the movie too. It's an unflinching look at a married couple that's filled with drama but also humor.

I think this was maybe the fifth Audrey movie I saw and to me, it felt very different from the previous ones I had watched. It also resonated with me because Finney and Hepburn's characters have this love/hate banter throughout the entire film and at the time, there was a guy in my life who I had a similar repartee with. From the moment I watched it, it's been a fave of mine.

Roman Holiday (1953)
This is considered her breakout role and it's the movie that made me love all things Audrey. She is just utterly charming and funny in it. She plays a sheltered princess who wants to escape her life for a day (or two) and finds herself exploring Rome with an American newsman (played by Gregory Peck) and his sidekick. They make quite the trio, and Hepburn and Peck quite the romance. It's just a fun ride from start to finish. It's easy to see why this film made her famous and if you're going to start watching her movies, start here.

How To Steal A Million (1966) 
When Hannah and I first started talking about our Audrey week, it reminded me that I still had a handful of Audrey films to watch. I decided to watch How To Steal A Million thinking I hadn't seen it before and then I quickly realized, I had! And not only did the details come flooding back, but it was even funnier the second time around. It's this sort of slapstick classic heist filled with humor and romance.

Audrey plays the daughter of an artist who paints knockoffs of famous pieces and pawns them off as the real thing. When one of his pieces gets featured in a museum, she decides that she needs to steal it to prevent her father from getting caught. And the person she enlists to help her is Simon (played by Peter O'Toole), a man she caught trying to steal something from her home. Together, hijinks ensue and I guarantee you will laugh a ton while watching this movie.

And the Audrey movie I want to watch is.. 

Charade (1963)
It's considered a classic and if you were to ever google for lists of Audrey's top movies (which I have done), it's almost always mentioned. I am definitely going to make time to watch this soon!

If you have any Audrey faves, I'd love to hear what they are and
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  1. Charade is great, great, great - I hope you get to watch it soon. I need to watch this Two for the Road that you and Hannah are raving about!

  2. I've never seen any of your favorite Audrey films, I think! I should remedy that ;) But seriously, Two for the Road, Roman Holiday & How to Steal a Million sound like such interesting films. Adding them to my movie queue!


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