December Recap

I can't believe my favorite time of the year is practically over! As hectic (and expensive) as December can be - I absolutely love the entire month. I have traditions like annual holiday dinners with amazing friends to look forward to, shopping (which I do enjoy, sometimes even in spite of crazy lines and crowds) and spending time with my family. Even though it always flies by, I do feel as if I have more time and energy to actually savor those moments. I guess it's because I usually take off during the holidays. I can sleep in, stay up super late. Keep busy or spend a lazy day at home. And I tend to relax a bit on the blog around this time too. A few less book reviews (which lets me get away ahead for next month!) and a few more personal / end of the year reflection ones. 
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  1. I love December because of the cold weather which means snuggling in blankets reading or watching movies. It's the best time of the year. =D

    I've yet to finish The Promise of Amazing but I've no great expectations from it. I decided to skip Ink is Thicker Than Water. I really enjoyed These Broken Stars because it took me by surprise. Really excited to read Roomies and finally start Penryn & the End of Days series this year!

  2. December is a wonderful month! I always feel extra festive, and I love that no matter where I live, everyone seems to embrace that same spirit -- in decorations, food, get-togethers and attitudes. Glad your December was a great (and relaxed) month!


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