Merry Christmas!

I am skipping the usual infinite playlist (I know - it's been two weeks in a row!) to share some pictures from Christmas with my family. We did our usual Secret Santa gift exchange and played board games. We had a lot of food, sat around and talked. And now that we're all so busy these days, there was actually a lot to catch up on. It was nice to spend an entire day together. 

With my parents // Cousin selfies!
Food! We ordered lechon (roast pig) // With Ate Jannique & Kuya EJ
More cousins // My adorable nephews & niece with Santa
My Secret Santa opening my gift! // John opening his presents
A few of my gifts // The girls with Lola
All the cousins // The whole family - I love this photo!

[ Note: The super nice photos were taken by my cousin on his fancy camera;
you can tell which are my iPhone photos :) ] 


  1. I love that I can tell/feel the fun and the love in your family and holidays.

  2. I love Christmas! And Christmas with family is the absolute best. It looks like you all had a wonderful time <3


with love,