BookBags (9): Christmas Wishlist!

Monthly feature where I pair books with bags or share what's in a bag (mine or otherwise!) est. 4/2013.

For the last couple of years, my cousins and I have been doing a Secret Santa gift exchange (I highly recommend using Elfster!) and of course, I always have a few books on my wish list. Usually these are books I've already read but just haven't gotten a chance to buy yet. And I thought it would be fun to choose the books on my wish list for this month's BookBags. Then, when I started looking for bags to match, I went to Kate Spade first like I usually do and found all three there. Coincidence? Probably. But I have to admit, KS is one of my favorite brands so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised.

I read this book towards the beginning of the year and I enjoyed it so much! It was a different type of paranormal story involving air elementals and I got completely swept up in the characters and the romance. I've been meaning to buy it for months, so it was the first book I thought of. 

The cover is so dreamy and romantic and purple. Of course I love it. I thought this bag encompassed the same vibe and I've thought about buying it many times. (Review)

Ok, I do own the entire Harry Potter book set. But the first three books are in paperback and the rest are hardcovers. And yes, I am one of those people who want all the books in a series to match. I saw this set when it was first released and wanted them immediately. 

I like how the bag has the cream and navy stripes and that pop of red to match the set. 

This is another one I read in the first half of the year and really loved. I've read a ton of alternate / parallel reality type books this year and this was by far, one of the best. From the plot to the way the story was handled to show the different timelines and the characters - all awesome! It's been getting a lot of love lately in the book blogging community and that makes me happy. It's a great book. 

I didn't have any bag in mind when I started looking but this one jumped out at me. The colors matched and even the circles went along with the cover too. Yet another bag I'd like to buy for myself. (Review)

Which bag is your favorite? 
And what books are on your wish lists?


  1. I LOVE THE PURSE FOR LET THE SKY FALL!!!!! It's perfect to go with the cover. It looks like a good one to use year round, which is always a plus for me when buying a purse. The other two are great as well; they'd be perfect summer bags and I love how they coordinate with the book covers. Great picks!


    I have read all the books on this list but of course I want the bags.

  3. We share a love for Kate Spade! I got some cute erasers and a notepad from Kate Spade this year, which obviously isn't as great as that wallet I've been eyeing FOREVER but is still so cute! I love all three of these bags (they fit the books so great) but I have to say the Cedar Street is my favourite! Funny enough, Harry Potter is my favourite out of these three books! Hmm, coincidence?

  4. You have got to stop posting these amazing bag + book pairings, because it's wearing away at my (shopping) self-control! (But no, don't stop, not really!) I love the bags you've chosen for this post, particularly the one that matches Let the Sky Fall. So much pretty in one post!


with love,