2013: Movies, Music and TV

It's the day before Christmas and since everyone is either off from work and zoning out at the office by now (I know I am!), I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite movies, music and TV shows from this past year. Yes my friends, we're talking non-bookish things today.

Putting together my most listened to songs was easy to do (thanks to last.fm!) and TV? Well, I've got more than enough shows on my plate, not to mention watching old ones on Netflix. But coming up with a list of movies was hard! I saw less than 10 at the theatre this year and handful of them were bad (I'm still not over the disaster that was The Mortal Instruments). Anyway, here's my list of favorites from 2013!

>> Top 10 Most-Played Songs (in order!)
Most of these songs didn't surprise me because I'm fully aware of how obsessively I played some of these. But I gotta admit, there were a few I didn't expect! And I totally knew "Thunder Clatter" would be number one. It's been months and when I hear it, it still never fails to make me want to dance in my seat.

Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter 
Anuhea - Simple Love Song
Noah and the Whale - 5 Years Time
Le Youth - C O O L 
The Naked and Famous - Hearts Like Ours 
French Cassettes - Mouth Drum
Discovery - Swing Tree 
Mean Lady - Far Away 
Beirut - Postcards from Italy
Paramore - Now


>> Top 8 Shows 
I couldn't think of 2 more, which is fine because.. the last thing I need is more shows!
  • The Walking Dead 
  • Game of Thrones
  • Scandal
  • Vampire Diaries 
  • Beauty & the Beast 
  • Breaking Bad (I'm up to the last season on Netflix!)
  • Reign 
  • Switched at Birth


>> Top 5 Movies

One thing I must do next year - go to the movies more! Even it means going to the theatre by myself. 

Catching Fire - Such a good adaptation! I think they did the book justice. 
Before Midnight - This was my most anticipated movie this year and while it wasn't what I expected, it was an amazing and realistic follow-up to my favorite movie, Before Sunset.
Thor: The Dark World - Chris Hemsworth. No other explanation needed.
Man of Steel - Even though it got a little too somber at times, Henry Cavill was perfect (and hot) as Superman and overall, I really enjoyed this interpretation.
About Time - I thought this was going to be a romantic comedy but it turned out to be more about family, choices and growing up. Loved it.

What were some of your favorite music, movies and songs from this past year? 
Better yet - anything you'd like to recommend to me?


  1. Um wow, I haven't heard of any artists on your list except Paramore but this is actually good because I love discovering new music! Also, last.fm is awesome.

    My favorite music of 2013 was Bastille's Things We Lost in the Fire, Katy Perry's Unconditionally and Double Rainbow, Zedd's Clarity and Spectrum, Krewella's Human, Sia's Elastic Heart, Ellie Goulding's Mirror, Burn and My Blood, Santigold's Disparate Youth and Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Rock album.

    I've been watching way too many shows this year and it's still not enough because there are a ton more than I want to watch. However, I love The Vampire Diaries and The Originals and addicted to Reign (no regrets). Apart from that I love watching How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and lately, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I'm also addicted to Awkward and Suits.

    I watched 50+ movies this year. I loved Pacific Rim, Before Midnight, Iron Man 3 and enjoyed Now You See Me, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University a lot. Have yet to watch Catching Fire though. =/

  2. Can you PLEASE invite me to watch movies with you? I'd gladly go to Jersey for a movie day, for sure. I love watching movies, but rarely have anyone to watch with -- especially book adaptations or quirky films. So if you need a movie buddy, I'm right here!

    Also -- Have you not been watching The Originals? It's absolutely FANTASTIC. I love how they've written it, and look forward to seeing how the story continues on when it picks up in the next month.


with love,