Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (35)

RACHEL • "Santeria" by Sublime
It's been an exhausting week and when I got into the office this morning I thought two things. One, I still needed to pick a song for today's playlist and two, I would love to take a nap at my desk right about now. So I knew I wanted a pick-me-up kind of song and I immediately thought of Santeria. It's one of those songs that always puts me in a good mood every time I hear it. It makes me think of driving down the highway, windows down, sun shining and singing along on the top of my lungs. Enjoy!

CARINA • "How" By Regina Spektor
I've been a fan of Regina Spektor since I first heard her song "Fidelity". I didn't realize she came out with a new album until a friend of mine sent me this song (my song pick for this week). Some fan I am! Anyways, I love this song and whenever I fall in love with a song, I always go on YouTube to see whether there's a live acoustic version. Lucky for me, there is one. Her voice - simply beautiful.

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