last of the wedding pictures

Last round of pictures!
My cousin, my dad (surprisingly!) and 
my aunt got some awesome shots that were too good to not share. 

1 married couple, 11 bridesmaids, 11 groomsmen, 3 flower girls and many, many more.

Benaiah looking handsome as the ring bearer  //  Kuya Beau & Mama 

Sisters! Ate Maida & Ate Myleen  //   Benaiah & Ate Jannique 

Cutest flower girl ever  //  Me & Jay (I think this is when I told him no silly faces as
we walk down the aisle.. and what does he do? Exactly that!)

With the guy cousins + Mo

The married couple with my parents  //  Red velvet wedding cake!

My mom & Mommy Merle (I like to refer to them as the twins, even though they're not)  //  With John & Jay, my two brothers (again not actually but they might as well be)

With my cousins, aunt & uncle - I love this photo of us. 

End of the night!! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

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  1. I super love the color of your dress! SO PRETTY! Also, that is one huge wedding party!


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