September 22, 2012

last of the wedding pictures

Last round of pictures!
My cousin, my dad (surprisingly!) and 
my aunt got some awesome shots that were too good to not share. 

1 married couple, 11 bridesmaids, 11 groomsmen, 3 flower girls and many, many more.

Benaiah looking handsome as the ring bearer  //  Kuya Beau & Mama 

Sisters! Ate Maida & Ate Myleen  //   Benaiah & Ate Jannique 

Cutest flower girl ever  //  Me & Jay (I think this is when I told him no silly faces as
we walk down the aisle.. and what does he do? Exactly that!)

With the guy cousins + Mo

The married couple with my parents  //  Red velvet wedding cake!

My mom & Mommy Merle (I like to refer to them as the twins, even though they're not)  //  With John & Jay, my two brothers (again not actually but they might as well be)

With my cousins, aunt & uncle - I love this photo of us. 

End of the night!! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)

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  1. I super love the color of your dress! SO PRETTY! Also, that is one huge wedding party!