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Lunch with the roomies :) 

It's funny but even though it's been seven years since we all lived together during our senior year of college, we still refer to ourselves as the roomies.  Carina, Loren and I drove town to TCNJ to meet up with Lydia for lunch.  We ate at "the Rat" which was our favorite place to eat on-campus (basically the only non-cafeteria food available) and even made a run to Halo Farm for ice cream.  For a few hours, it seriously felt like no time had passed.  We just laughed the whole time, reminisced about our days living in Townhouses and talked about.. life. It made me realize how much I missed this. I'm thinking more get-togethers will have to be planned.  

Mark and Alyssa's Wedding

Yes, another wedding! My childhood friend and neighbor (the groom) got married yesterday and it was a beautiful wedding.  Simple, elegant and quirky.  She walked down the aisle to Circle of Life which made everyone laugh and Mark's youngest brother officiated the ceremony, which took all of 10 minutes. (I love short ceremonies!) Then the food was delicious. Do not underestimate the importance of a good cocktail hour! But I think the part that touched me the most was that every time I looked at the couple, they just looked completely in love and practically bursting with happiness.  It was super nice to see. 

It seems like lately I've been getting a lot of reminders of how much we've all grown up.  Which isn't always a bad thing!  But yesterday was definitely one of those days.  I mean, Mark and his two brothers have lived across the street from me since I was seven years old. We grew up together and I have countless memories of them.  Even though we're not close anymore, they still feel like family to me and I'm glad I got to be there. 

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  1. Aww hooray for weddings! And I totally feel the same way about my roomies - they'll always be roomies to me!


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