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The best thing about my birthday is spending time with family and having one-on-one outings with each of my best friends. I really don't plan big celebrations (except with my family but it's lowkey; they're only "big" because I have so many relatives!) but I do feel like this year we're making up for when we couldn't all be together and I loved every minute of it. This was definitely one of my most memorable birthday weeks (and the most normal in years)! 

Le Prive with Alexa • I kicked off the week by having dinner at Le Prive with Alexa. Neither of us had been before but we loved it and ended up ordering almost all the appetizers on the menu to share. We got escargot, a fromage board, steak tartare, seared scallops, fries, and then creme brulee, and beignets for dessert. I know it sounds like a lot but the small portion size of every dish made it perfect for us. Everything was delicious so I'm pretty sure we'll be back. Plus it's near Port Authority making it super convenient for commuters like us!

My actual birthday (June 29th) • I started off the day by getting breakfast at The Committed Pig with Mary Ann. Again, neither of us had been before but we both got blueberry pancakes with air-fried bacon (!) and it was so good! I also loved how they served coffee by giving each of us a thermos and mug. We were just very impressed. From there we went to Short Hills Mall so I could buy my birthday present to myself—a Dior Book tote! I've been eyeing this bag for 3 years now and it was time to pull the trigger. The embroidery on it is gorgeous so I'm happy I finally got it. 

Then I spent the latter half of the day with my immediate family. We kept it simple with my favorite pizza (Singa's) and cake for dinner but it was really nice! My nephew Ian loves when the candles are lit and we all sing happy birthday. 

Nails and dinner with Carina • Carina and I both had a summer Friday so we were able to hang out at my apartment for a bit and then we got gel manicure and spa pedicure. Then we got Bitol Cantina for dinner, which was our second time there and at this point, it's quickly become a favorite for us. We've been trying different each time and every one has been a winner. But the stand out from our last meal for me was their Mexican creme brulee! Their version has more a corn base, which I loved. 

Animal Crossing BBQ with the family • My uncle's birthday is on July 4th so we usually celebrate our birthdays together, which we did this past Saturday. But what I didn't know was that my cousins, John, Carina, and Jason, were going to make it Animal Crossing-themed! Seeing the decorations immediately cracked me up. It was just so fun! Even though it was a hot day, we all sat outside eating, talking, and gushing over Ian as he ran around. 

So that was my week! I just felt so loved and was genuinely touched by the messages, presents, and everyone's thoughtfulness. It certainly made turning 39 feel less daunting!

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  1. I still cannot get over how cute the Animal Crossing themed birthday party was! So thoughful!


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