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I realized it's been over two months since I've done one of these posts! And it's because right before Christmas and throughout New Year, half the people in my circle of friends and family either got COVID or were directly exposed and even my job closed down the office during the month of January. But now I'm commuting to New York a couple days a week again, meeting up with friends, going out with family, and getting even more back to normal with shows! It's been a lovely month and I'm excited to finally have something to share. 

Dim Sum & Target with the fam • I haven't gone for traditional dim sum in forever! The family and I went to belatedly celebrate my uncle's birthday and it was so much fun. It can be a little overwhelming at times with all the carts coming by, one after the after, and asking what you want but my aunt is a pro at these places. We went to Qin Dynasty in Parsippany, NJ and the food was just amazing. The photo doesn't begin to cover everything we ordered. The restaurant also happened to be next door to Target so we walked over afterward and let little Ian run around while we all did a bit of shopping. 

Hadestown • This won't be the last time I say this in this post but for the first time in over two years, I went to a Broadway show! My work buddy saw that Broadway tickets were on sale and asked if I wanted to go. Of course, I said yes! She even let me pick and I immediately chose Hadestown. We both took off from work, got lunch at Kung Fu Kitchen and then walked over to Walter Kerr Theatre for the 2PM show. We thought it would be a smaller crowd but it was packed! Theaters still require masks and vaccination cards (thankfully!) so I honestly didn't mind. Plus the show was well worth it! I didn't realize one of the leads was Eva Noblezada, a Filipina actress I saw in Yellow Rose last year, and it was such a nice surprise. Her voice is beautiful and I'm still listening to the song "All I've Ever Known" on a daily basis. 

Breakfast with Alexa • Two weeks ago, Alexa and I saw each other for the first time in two months! So it was so nice to resume our monthly breakfasts before work and finally be able to catch up in person (and exchange Christmas gifts!). We checked out a new-to-us spot called In Common and we loved both the food and the aesthetic, plus the service was great. It's funny, most days it's a struggle for me to get out of bed at 7AM but when I know I'm going to the office or meeting up with Alexa, suddenly waking up at 5:45AM is (somewhat) easy. Or easier, at least. 

President's Day • I totally needed a three-day weekend. I ended up spending the day on my own but I didn't mind. I went to Short Hills Mall so I could shop, check out bags that are on my wishlist and decide if they should stay on the list or not (I removed a bunch; but also pretty certain the Dior Book Tote will be the next bag I get), and finally checked out Indigo Books. Indigo is actually a Canadian bookstore chain and they only have one store in the US--which happens to be 25 mins from me. I've been meaning to go for a while and I'm glad I finally did. It's a beautiful store with not only a great selection of books but so many other things to buy. I really had to restrain myself from going on a shopping spree but I managed to walk out with only two books and another Little Words Project bracelet

Patrick Droney Concert • My first concert in over two years! Aside from Broadway shows, I have missed live music so, so much. Alexa and I got the tickets at the end of last year not knowing what this year would bring and I'm glad we were able to go. I took a half day and met up with her in the city. We grabbed an early dinner at Awesum Dimsum (one of my fave spots) and headed over to Irving Plaza for the show. Patrick Droney was just incredible! He's one of those artists who are even better live and I find his songs to be simultaneously catchy and moving. I'm still thinking about that show to be honest. Unfortunately, we didn't stay the whole time because neither of wanted to be commuting too late at night by ourselves but we got to see 1.5 hours of his show and we both loved it! 

So that's what's been up with me lately!
What have you been up to these days?

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  1. That Dim Sum looks so good! Hadestown is the best- I still listen to that soundtrack all the time. I HIGHLY recommend the audiobook Working on a Song by the show's creator. It's AMAZING- one of my favorites of last year!


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