Summer Bucket List Check-In

It's officially fall which means it's time to look back on my summer bucket list and see how I did! 

✗ Read a classic novel • This was a fail! I tried to read Around the World in Eighty Days, as planned, but I just wasn't in the mood. 

✗ Crochet something—even if it’s just a single potholder • Learning how to crochet is another one of my goals for the year, not just the summer. I thought if I put it on my summer bucket list, I'd feel more motivated but alas, I was not. 

✓ Take an online photography class • I semi-followed through on this! I bought access to a whole photography course specific to my camera. I watched half the classes so I think I can still cross this off my list. What I've realized though, between this photography class and the crocheting videos I tried to watch, is that learning online is really hard for me. I'd rather learn by having someone show me or just trying on my own. 

✓ Summer cleaning day/weekend • This should get a dozen checkmarks from me! I've done so many summer cleaning days and definitely one full weekend. I get a lot of joy from decluttering and throwing stuff out. 

✓  Finish photo book of my 2019 San Francisco cousins trip • I finally finished this! It was kind of bittersweet to put this together since who knows when we can all vacation like that again. But I did love looking through the photos from that amazing vacation. 

✓  Learn 2 new Filipino recipes • I learned how to make adobong pusit and taho. The former is a recipe my Mom used to make all the time and the latter is a breakfast dish I remember us buying from the Filipino store when I was younger. Both turned out really well and I can't wait to make them again! 

✗ Complete Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening • I swear, I'm really close! I'm going to beat it soon. 

✓ Rewatch Fringe or Orphan Black • I ended up rewatching Orphan Black and I still love that show so much. It is one of my all-time favorites for a good reason. 

✓ Work on a new apartment project • Another item on this list that deserves more than one checkmark. I redid the entryway/dining area and my "office" corner. 

✓ Take a staycation • I took a staycation the last week in July and it was the best idea ever. I need to take another one soon. 

✗ Learn how to take good photos on my polaroid • I haven't remembered to bring out my Polaroid with me but I do want to take better photos with this camera. 

✓ Visit a new-to-me local park • I visited Kingsland Park for the first time even though it's less than 10 mins from where I live. It's such a nice park that I went back a second time with my cousins. 


I finished 8 out of 12 items on my summer bucket list! Even though this past summer (well, past year really) is truly unlike any other, I still wanted to make this list and push myself to do things and I'm glad I did. 


  1. You did really well on your Summer Bucket List! And I agree re: online courses. I learn much better when someone can show me in person what to do!

  2. I just recently pulled out my crochet basket, but I haven't gotten around to starting anything, yet. ☺

    Your redecorating looks great. 👍✨

  3. I think you did really great with your summer bucket list! Makes me think I should make a similar list when the season rolls around this year ;)


with love,