Summer Bucket List

You might be thinking – seriously, a summer bucket list right now? But even though my list won't include any of the usual things like exploring NYC, travel, museums or concerts, that doesn't mean I can't think of activities I want to make time for during the summer. Plus every year I look forward to putting together this list and I don't see why that needs to change. It just means I need to adapt! 

So, here's my 2020 summer bucket list!

Read a classic novel
Crochet something—even if it’s just a single potholder
Take an online photography class
Summer cleaning day/weekend
Finish photo book of my 2019 San Francisco cousins trip 
Learn 2 new Filipino recipes
Complete Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Rewatch Fringe or Orphan Black
Work on a new apartment project
Take a staycation
Learn how to take good photos on my polaroid
Visit a new-to-me local park

What do you want to do this summer?


with love,