February Recap

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It has been a very busy month! I went to LA for a long weekend to visit family, had a lot of outings with Alexa and Kristin, went to a concert with DJ, celebrated friends' birthdays, and got a tiny bit of downtime in too. But now I find myself really craving a whole weekend of being home and doing yet another round of major spring cleaning. I don't know what it is but throwing out stuff and/or donating is really relaxing for some reason. And I really do think I need to relax. From my weekend in LA, what stood out to me was that I didn't have anything planned at all. I was just content to be with my cousin, her kids and my aunt. If that meant sitting on the couch playing with Legos and watching Netflix, I was content. If that meant going out to eat and bring the kids to the park, that was good too. It was so nice to not be on any sort of schedule or have a running to-do list in my head. I could just be present with my family and was the exact kind of R&R I didn't realized I needed.

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I only read 2 non-review books this month but I'm actually planning to write about them eventually!

How's your month been?


  1. Glad you had a great February! Hope you have a lovely March!

  2. I genuinely think that spring cleaning/reorganizing is so therapeutic! Equally therapeutic is having a weekend (or night) (or both) where you don't have any plans and can just go with the flow.


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