My (Updated) Anne of Green Gables Collection

Three years ago I shared my Anne of Green Gables collection and I figured it was time to give an update! A funny thing happened though. So I was all prepared to tell you how I went from 39 copies to 55 (!) but as I was going through all my editions to take pictures for this post, I ended up culling 13 books. It was due to a mix of practicality (my poor little book tower looked like it would tip over) and secondly, I realized I didn't love all the covers anymore. And I want my collection to be all the covers I genuinely love and/or editions that have sentimental value.

Now I have 42 copies and for this post, I'm going to focus on the 16 editions that are new since my original post.

(top-bottom, left-right): 
Surprisingly expensive now!

My fave of this group: I have soft spot for the yellow one!

(top-bottom, left-right): 
I debated buying this for a while and then caved during my birthday month!
3. Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions Series (2012)
I can't find it online anymore
This graphic novel is beautiful and managed to retain the same spirit.

My fave of this group: Really tough choice but I'd pick the Arcturus one! 
It's beautifully illustrated and just look at that slipcase!

(top-bottom; left-right):
I can't find book 1 so I linked to book 2!
This copy is signed by a relative of LM Montgomery! 

My fave of this group: I feel like I should say the Kindred Spirits one but honestly, I have to go with the Icelandic edition! I didn't think it existed and during one of our bookstore stops in Reykjavik, I asked on a whim. I was so happy to find out they had it and it was the last copy too!

What's your favorite copy?
And do you collect any books?


  1. I gasped when I saw this post show up in my Feedly!! I love your Anne collection- it's absolutely stunning! And you've reminded me that I need to pick up the Pantone cover!

  2. I'm so happy that you have curated your Anne collection to be your absolute favorite covers or the ones with the best memories attached to them! I'm still pretty pleased to have contributed to that collection in some way <3


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