Spring Day!

Ever since Alexa, Kristin and I had our Festive Fun Day in December and Galentine's Day in February, we wanted to pick a Saturday every couple of months to meet in the city and spend the day exploring NYC, shopping and eating. Which is how we came up with "Spring Day" for this past weekend except I think we can all agree that we somehow skipped the spring season and went straight to summer. Not that I'm complaining! The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday and not once did my allergies make an appearance. Plus I got to spent part of my long weekend with two of my favorite people, so all in all, it was a win.

The first half of the day ending up being just Alexa and I, as Kristin had a special Pokémon GO raid to attend (and she got what she wanted so yay!). We started the morning off with brunch at The Wren, which we'd been to before for Table for Two and really liked. It had been a while but it was better than I remembered. This time around we got to sit in this sunny little nook up front and the food was great (I really like their bacon). From there, we started bookstore hopping! Our first stop was Codex Books. It's pretty much all used and smaller than we anticipated. We only browsed for a little bit before moving on.

We made an impromptu stop at Maman (not pictured) because I wanted to check out their accessories and then we headed to Coffee 'n Clothes, which wasn't what we expected at all. It's actually three whole floors and the coffee portion is only one small part of it. You know all those ads you see on Instagram for products like quip or Gravity Blankets or lifestyle blogs like PureWow? This space is for those online brands to create pop-up stores, and for other experiences such as quirky art installations. We ended up checking them all out! We saw cool glass art that reminded me of dementors (see above), a funhouse mirror room, tons of brands and then saved coffee for last. I am a huge fan of their coffee cups and aesthetic.

Afterwards we continued to bookstore hop! We went to Housing Works (I bought Eliza and Her Monsters for only $5 and it looked brand new) and McNally Jackson (we walked out empty-handed). It was at the latter where Kristin was able to join us. And unsurprisingly, we immediately started walking towards ice cream. But not before stopping at some cool wall art along the way. For ice cream, we went to Coffee & Cream by OddFellows. Even though there are fewer ice cream flavors that rarely rotate, I very much enjoy what they have (I've gotten Thai iced tea and Sprinkles both times). I like the look of the store and they're also very generous with their ice cream scoops which I approve of. Finally, we ended the day with Kinokuniya Bookstore to pick up manga and in my case, also buy Lovely War by Julie Berry at Alexa's insistence ☺

I can't wait for our next Saturday outing!

Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend!


  1. I can't wait for our next outing either!! Whether we end up doing Bastille Day or going to ALA, it's going to be a blast!! <3 I would love to go back to Coffee & Clothes with you ladies at some point too!

  2. I wouldn't insist if I wasn't convinced you would love Lovely War as much as I did! But also, yay for Spring Day Out! I hope we can do more of these in 2020.


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