What I'm Listening To | May

Each month I'll share five songs I'm been loving all month and hopefully you'll find a song or two (or all of them!) to love as well.

Just press play to listen to all the songs!

I'm Like a Bird (Nelly Furtado cover)
 - Alessia Cara | Alessia Cara's voice is perfectly suited for this song! This is an old fave of mine and one that always makes me feel a bit nostalgic.

If I Can't Have You - Shawn Mendes | His songs are just so freaking catchy. This one totally makes me want to get up and dance.

okay - LANY w/ Julia Michaels | I'm a fan of both LANY and Julia Michaels so as soon as I saw this collab, I had a feeling I'd like it and I was right!

A Whole New World - ZAYN, Zhavia Ward | I've never been a One Direction or ZAYN fan so I went into this song with zero expectations (actually, I expected to hate it). Instead, I really love this R&B-tinged rendition! For the most part it stays true to the original but wow, I didn't think ZAYN could sing like this.

Eagle Birds - The Black Keys | I think The Black Keys are making a come back. And I don't mean in the obvious "they're finally releasing new songs" kind of way. But back as in, I think their music is good again. They're one of my favorite bands but their last album was beyond disappointing and if these new singles are any indication, I think I'm going to love the new one.

Which song is your favorite?

Here's my full April playlist if you want to know what else I'm listening to!

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  1. If I Can't Have You is still such a bop and I'm still very much obsessed with it <3


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