Galentine's Day

Alexa, Kristin and I decided to do a belated Galentine's Day outing this past Saturday. The entire day was filled with food (unsurprising), walking around to see various pop-ups in the city, shopping and non-stop chatting. I really love when we plan these full days and I'm already wondering when we can do this again!

We started off with an early breakfast at Buvette, which is a French restaurant I had been wanting to check out. I'd heard good things about it but had no idea how popular it was until I walked in and saw it was a full house. Luckily we only waited 15 minutes before we were seated and it was well worth the wait! The service was lovely and we were very happy with the waffles, french toast, cappuccinos and tea we ordered. From there we walked to the corner of Mott Street and Kenmare to see the new Be Mine mural and then to the Gucci Wooster Bookstore, where we decided to make ourselves comfortable on the yellow couches to chat.

Afterwards, we walked to the brand new ModCloth Fitshop which just so happened to be opening that day. We accidentally waited in line for nearly an hour when we didn't have to which was annoying but the store was cute and we definitely felt like shopping afterwards. But after all that wait, we were more than ready to have ice cream for lunch at Stax. They were doing heart sprinkles in honor of Valentine's Day, which we all got as our ice cream toppings. Stax is one of my favorites. I love their ice cream flavors and their colorful cones. To balance out our cold lunch (which only made us feel chillier when walking outside!), we headed to Remi Flower & Cafe for lattes. It is the cutest cafe! I love that it's paired with a flower shop and I'm a huge fan of their aesthetic. 

After our coffee break, it was time for more shopping! First we stopped at & Other Stories (not pictured) and then we went to Kinokuniya Books, which I had never been to–much to the surprise of the other two! On top of regular books, they have a whole floor dedicated to manga/anime and another dedicated to stationery. I kind of had a field day in there and I blame the both of them for that! I walked out with three mangas (which I typically don't read but I'm excited to give it a try) and a couple other knick-knacks. We may start making field trips there once a month now which I'm very happy about even if my wallet won't be. And lastly, to end our day we walked across the street to Bryant Park for to get poutine from Duck Season.

So that was our Galentine's Day date! I'm so grateful for these two wonderful ladies 
and it makes me so happy that we planned a day to celebrate this holiday and each other.


  1. I'm so glad we planned this as well! I'm already brainstorming reasons for our next day!

  2. Our Galentine's Day date was the best! I was truly happy to be able to hang out with both of you and celebrate our friendship <3


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