What's In My Bag

The What's in My Bag feature is back! I've always enjoyed these kinds of posts but after a while I was worried that you/I were getting bored with it and stopped. But I started thinking about it again this past weekend and after tweeting to see if there'd be any interest, I got a lot of responses saying I should do these again. So here we are!

(For the newbies: From 2013-2017, I had a BookBags feature where I paired books with bags and in the middle of that, I introduced What's in my Bag as a subset of that feature where I shared what's in my bag and invited other bloggers to guest post too.)

Here's what I'm sharing with you today!

The Bag

My Gucci Monogram Bree Shoulder Bag is 5 years old and worth every penny. I always overthink my (major) designer bag purchases but I've been lucky in that each one has been worth it. It's the perfect size for work, durable and I love how it looks. Plus even when the straps did break (it was my fault for overstuffing it when I'd take it on the plane), they replaces the straps and cleaned up the scuffs on the bottom for free! Unfortunately this bag is discontinued but there are other similar ones.

Sidenote: I always get compliments on this phone case. It's a watercolor map iPhone X case I got from Amazon.

The Necessities

Balenciaga Classic Gold Money Wallet | Maybe I'm jinxed but some of my favorite purchases are discontinued like this wallet! (Is it the blush pink color? Clearly I love it!) I've been using this since I got it 3 or 4 years ago.

Square Pouch from Graphique de France | Seriously the perfect pouch for carrying all my necessities. I actually saw in a Glossier email ad and when I DMed them hoping they'd tell me where it was from, they did! I always make sure to carry around ...

Concealer, perfume, powder, lip balm, hand wipes, anti-bacterial and Advil | At the moment I'm using Hourglass corrective concealer, Gucci Bloom, Dior Lip Glow, Laura Mercier Shine Control pressed powder and Carmex Cupcake Batter lip balm (cause that's clearly on brand!).

The Extras

Ink + Volt planner | My planner goes with me every day to work.

Pilot G-2 Pens | The only pens for me.

Book Beau | I love Book Beau and the various sizes make it so convenient because not only do I use them for my paperback and hardcover books, I also realized that I can use them for ...

iPad 9.7 inch | My new iPad! I was getting fed up with my Kindle paperwhite (I can't even) so I decided to finally cave in and get a new iPad so I could use it for reading and to travel. So depending on what I'm reading at the moment, I'll either have this or a physical book in my bag. (Worst case, I'll read on my phone!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing what's in my bag! 
What are some of your necessities?

If you're interested in doing a guest post, email me!


  1. I love these posts! Your Gucci bag and Balenciaga wallet are to die for! And I love the Book Beau- that print is so you!

  2. I really enjoy these posts (mostly because I am interested in seeing what other people carry around on the regular)! I'm particularly fond of the book sleeves that are always in rotation for me (and for you) these days because they're cute and they're functional.


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