Recent purchases I'm Obsessed With

After stocking up on sweaters for winter and getting a couple pairs of much-needed booties, I realized there wasn't anything I really wanted to buy to add to my closet. Then January came long and since then the weeks have alternated between freezing cold and 50 degree weather, which has just been enough of a tease to make me start thinking about spring. So that paired along with getting my bonus last month led me to do a bit of shopping and as the title of my post says, I'm pretty obsessed with what I've bought lately. 

[from top-bottom; left-right]

Orolay Women's Thickened Down Jacket | Even though I'd been thinking about finding a winter coat that didn't feel bulky, I tried to resist because I was trying to rationalize that winter was half over anyway. Then one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers did an Instagram story about this coat and how it had 5K+ reviews on Amazon. I'm not ashamed to admit I bought it less than an hour later. It arrived the next day and I love it! It's been my go-to coat since and while it's oversized and maybe not the sleekest looking, it's warm and SO comfy. I even bought one for my mom because she couldn't stop admiring it! [For reference, I'm 4"11' and petite so I got XXS in beige.]

Kendra Scott Paxton Hoop Earrings In Rose Gold | After listening to Kendra Scott on Second Life (my favorite podcast!), I decided to check out her jewelry and fell in love with this pair of earrings. I love the unique shape but how they're still simple and even dainty despite being on the larger side. 

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara | I haven't bothered with mascara since getting eyelash extensions two years ago. But after watching a makeup tutorial (I can't remember whose), she mentioned how adding mascara to her bottom lashes helped to make her eyes look bigger and more awake. Cue me googling for bottom lash mascara and finding this one by Clinique that's only $12. Such a steal and I've been happy with the results. 

iPad 9.7Tezzionas keyboard case (gold for both) | I've been so annoyed with my Kindle paperwhite and my first generation 2012 iPad mini, that I'd resorted to reading ebooks on my phone for the last year, because the former were both incredibly slow. I recently upgraded my iPad and I'm so happy I did! I went with the iPad 9.7, which isn't the latest model, but it fit my needs and budget better. I knew I'd only be using it for reading, Netflix, the internet and blogging so getting something fancier didn't make sense. Then I bought a matching keyboard case and now I feel like I have a mini-laptop too. 

Abercrombie & Fitch Leopard Print Midi Skirt | I'd been wanting a long leopard skirt but nothing I tried so far looked right on me until I saw this on Abercrombie. It's supposed to hit mid-calf but on me it's ankle-length which is exactly what I wanted. It's super flattering and I've already worn it once with a fitted black sweater, tights and booties. I can't wait until I can wear it with a t-shirt and sandals! I love that it's versatile for different seasons.

Jeffrey Campbell Charlin Point Toe Mules | I had these blush-colored mules on my wishlist for months and a recent conversation with my shopping enablers Alexa and Kristin made me realize I should just buy them already. They arrived over the weekend and I'm counting down to spring weather even more now. 

BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket | After buying their leather jacket last year, I've been obsessed with this brand because I was shocked by how well it fit my petite frame. I knew I wanted to eventually get their suede moto jacket so when I saw I could try it through Prime Wardrobe (which is awesome!), I ordered three different styles in various colors. The jackets all looked the same and were the same size but it was this specific one (which I've linked) that fit me best. It's very fitted in the arms and since it's cropped, it was a great length for me.

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses in Leopard | My job requires me to be on a computer all day but lately with freelance work (plus the usual blogging), I've been on computer a lot at night too. I decided to give light blocking glasses a try this past week and I actually notice a difference! There's been less strain on my eyes and this pair from Amazon is super affordable and cute too. 

Have you bought anything lately that you're obsessed with?


  1. I definitely caught that instagram post about that coat but I think I saw a different blogger talking about it! That keyboard is so pretty! And I love the leopard skirt and pink flats (as you know!)

  2. I still want to buy those blue light blocking glasses! And now I'm tempted to see if I can get a similar version of your keyboard case for my iPad ;)


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